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5 Reasons You Need to Start Watching American Football

When it comes to sports in America, it is not NBA or Baseball most people turn to; it is the NFL that excites people and makes them so passionate about sports. On Sunday, if an NFL game is on the TV, everyone will just drop every other task and will be glued to the TV. It is a unique sport where viewers do not just follow the matches of their favorite teams, but they watch every match with the same enthusiasm. The rules of the game change a bit now and then, and sometimes it makes the game better, and sometimes it annoys fans, but it is still something that is enjoyed immensely in the entire country. It never loses its magic, and it would not be wrong to say the NFL is the king of sports in the USA. If you don’t watch American football already, here are a few reasons that will convince you to follow it.

It Is Unpredictable

Let’s compare the NFL with soccer for a minute, specifically with the famous Spanish soccer season La Liga. In the past ten years, the winner of La Liga has been either Real Madrid or Barcelona, with the exception of season 2013-14, where Atlético Madrid lifted the trophy. And if you take the last 20 years into account, only four different teams have managed to win the championship. This kind of seems boring, doesn’t it? The story in the NFL is pretty different. In the same time span of 20 years, the NFL has had 13 different champions, which makes it extra exciting to watch. All the teams have good chances of making it to the final, which makes the tournament more competitive and unpredictable. If you would like to keep up with the scores and news of the NFL, you can follow for more information.

Amazing Rosters

In other sports, you will find one or two teams that are just close to perfection. Each of the players contributes something to the team and has its only specialty. While in other competitions, you will say such teams are favorites to win the tournament, in the NFL, things are different. Every team you will find in the NFL will look like an A-team with amazing athletes. Each team has a 53 man roster, and all those players are selected after an immense amount of consideration. At an NFL game, you are guaranteed to witness superhuman speed, strength, and agility. Just watching these athletes play will show you how exceptional humans can be.

It Turns Sundays into Fun days

The NFL is a great sport to follow for those people who are just tired of finding fun activities on Sundays. During the season, when an NFL game is live on a Sunday, fans from all the cities will be glued to watch it on their TV. Also, it does not matter whether their home team is playing or not; the game is so entertaining that the fans try to watch all the matches of the season. There is nothing more fun than sitting on the couch with your friends on a Sunday evening and watching and debating football. Each football team only gets to play 16 games in the entire tournament. Losing even one game can make the qualifying difficult for a team, unlike soccer, where there are hundreds of matches to be played.

The Super Bowl

Another big reason to watch the NFL is that it brings you the Super Bowl. As exciting as an NFL season is when it comes to the Super bowl, there is nothing like it. In fact, it is the biggest sporting event in the country, and it gets fans excited like nothing else. From the atmosphere to the quality of teams clashing, everything in the Super Bowl is great. The Super Bowl has such a great viewership that nowadays, even the movie franchises use the super bowl to release their latest trailers. If you don’t watch it, you are missing out on something really big.

The Fans

When you are talking about American football, you cannot just leave out the fans at any cost. They have helped the game become what it is today. People are extremely passionate about football, and when you walk into a jam-packed stadium, it clearly shows. So if you love watching a sport with a good atmosphere, then it is time for you to get into the NFL.