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8 Things You Should Not Do At the Poker Table

Online poker is one of the main attractions when visiting any online casino and most sites will provide players with numerous types to play. If you feel like relaxing with little to no engagement, you might want to try NewCasinosUK where you will find a selection of new online casinos and poker sites you can check out, including live dealer poker and much more.

Back in 2019, Adrian Constantine from Romania came out victorious at the 888poker LIVE Festival in London, and went home with a prize money of £100,000 and 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event package, from 888poker.

While the event was going on, some of the 888poker professional players like Vivian Saliba were interviewed by Tiffany Michelle. Saliba came fourth in 2019 WSOP's $888 Crazy Eights, and had a lot of great advice that new poker players can benefit from, and that includes the 8 things they should never do at a poker table.

1. Don’t Slowroll

Most of the poker players have been advocating for slow rolling in poker to be abolished. It got to the extent that Daniel Negreanu described it as sociopathic, following a slow rolling incident during the 2019 WSOP. Saliba just added her voice to that.

2. Don’t Grab Your Cards after Eating With Your Hands

This could be termed cleanliness, and it could also be branded manners, but nothing irritates than seeing a player handle a nachos, burger or any other casino snack with his hands, and use the same hands to handle chips to count out a raise. If you want to eat while the poker tournament is one, you must eat only during the break or make use of eating utensils and not your bare hands.

3. Don’t Behave Like a Robot

You may see yourself behaving like you are programmed when you are trying to focus on making the right decisions on a poker table. For some players, this could be a massive leak. That is why you must not act like a robot on a poker table.

4. Don’t Be Antisocial

You can also be an antisocial robot at the table if you don’t watch it. Many online poker players that only sit on the chair and click buttons have been described with this stereotype. It is for those that never try to wonder what a live poker game would be like. When you are at a poker table, it may not be mandatory to try to interact and make friends with other players, but you should at least try and enjoy some fun while playing.

5. Don’t Be Rude To the Dealers

You can actually show courtesy at the poker table by being polite and friendly to the dealers. You may encounter the dealers regularly as you play more poker around the world, so you shouldn’t make them harbor some form of hatred against you.

6. Don’t Exceed Your Bankroll

You have to take responsibility while playing. You should be serious with bankroll management and never play beyond your means. This does not prevent you from taking part in tournaments, especially those with huge guarantees and those that you may have an edge on. However, you must not play beyond your bankroll in the long run.

7. Don’t Be Cocky

Poker is a great leveler, and that is one of its biggest attributes. So, when you must have scooped a few pots early, never fall to the temptation to become cocky. You may have the cockiness and earlier luck deal with you in the long run.

8. Don’t Bluff Vivian Saiba

The last piece of advice from Vivian Saliba is that nobody should bluff here. When she dropped that advice, she concluded by telling Mitchell not to believe that part.