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Everything you need to know about making an Accumulator bet

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not easy to win sports bets. Many are times when underdogs upset the favorites. Sometimes top players fail to score or someone is sent off and the match changes in favor of the team you didn’t expect.

Still, there are people who win through bets week after week. How do they do it? Accumulators are one way. Instead of back Man City to beat Man United away at odds 2.5, why not combine multiple “obvious” bets and be guaranteed of profits? Read on to find out more how accumulator bets work and whether they are worth it.

What are Accumulator bets?

Accumulators are a type of bets that involve combining four or more wagers into one. Let’s say you have £100. You could pick Man City to beat Huddersfield, Bayern to overpower Hannover 96, Arsenal to floor Burnley, Barcelona to beat Espanyol and Roma to edge out Chievo away.

In the five matches, the odds range between 1.10 and 1.30. Usually, these are low odds that many value bettors ignore. But to accumulator specialist, they hold great value. This more apparent when you consider how bookmakers calculate your wins.

Bookies multiply (and not add) each betting odd to determine your overall win. In our case, the odds could be 1.10, 1.09, 1.20, 1.10 and 1.40 in the respective games. To calculate your wins, bookies multiply 1.1 x 1.09 x 1.20 x 1.10 x 1.40 which equals to 2.05 odds. Your £100 bet will result in a win of £205.

Another way to look at your odds is shown below.

  • Your original £100 stake earns you £110 when City wins at odds 1.10.
  • The £110 is used as your new stake in the second game. If Bayern wins at odds 1.09, you now have £119.9
  • Again, the £119.9 is used to calculate your new earnings when Arsenal beats Burnley at odds 1.20. Assuming they win, you earn £143.88.
  • In the fourth game, £143.88 returns £158 at odds 1.10
  • In the last game, you earn £205 when Roma wins at odds 1.30.

As you can see, each wager has to pass for you to win the overall bet. If Roma draws Chievo and all other predictions end up being correct, you still lose. For that reason, accumulators are thrilling and heartbreaking at the same time.

How to Place Accumulator Bets

Step One: Do Research

Like all kinds of sports gambling, accumulator betting starts with research. Look at the league tables, the differences in goals scored and current form. Where the differences in form and win rates are huge and clear, you have a potential accumulator bet.

If you go back to our accumulator examples, all the teams backed to win rank in the top six of their respective leagues every year. Barcelona is ever in the top three of La Liga. Bayern and Juventus have been dominating their respective leagues while both City and Arsenal are much better than their opponents in our bet.

According to the writer at, treat stats and data as your friends. Knowing that 48% of all UK league games end in home wins, for example, means most of your accumulators should back home wins. And true, when was the last time Barcelona lost at home to a team in the lower half of La Liga?

Step Two: Find Value Odds

When you are risking your money on five teams, they better give you good returns, right? So, before you risk £100 to earn £205, find out if there are other matches with better odds. At times there are numerous matches with great odds whose outcomes you can predict correctly.

Imagine the game between Barcelona and Man United in this year's Champions League quarterfinals. Barca were favorites to win the second leg at odds 1.70 on some bookie sites. In the EPL, Liverpool were tipped to beat Chelsea at home at odds 2.30 this April.

In both games, stats showed that home teams had flawless home win records coming to the matches. Both Liverpool and Barcelona ended up winning their respective games. Had you picked the two games to add to your accumulator, you had a return of 3.91 (1.7 x 2.30).

If you chose two more teams with similar odds, you would have won £782 from a £100 bet on four teams. Unlike our first accumulator, here you picked fewer teams but carefully chose matches that produce better value.

Step Three: Bet on a Good Site

The top accumulator betting sites these days are nothing like your average bookmaker. Imagine being able to lock profits before the last game is over. If you have wagered before, you probably understand how unpredictable the last 10 minutes of football can be.

Being able to lock profits 15 minutes before the last game is over can be the difference between winning £782 and losing it all. A good bookie site also assures you of quick withdrawals. You would want to be frustrated with a verification process the bookie never told you about until you won.

Step Four: Repeat, looking for better Value

The key to winning big in accumulator bets is to strive for maximum wins at all times. That means avoiding wagers with odds 1.30 when you can and picking 1.5+ odds. In our first bet, it took five teams to double our bet.

Now imagine all five teams had wagers that averaged 1.7. When accumulated, a £100 bet would return £1,400. Now that’s a bet worth backing! Surprisingly, there are multiple high odds games you could accumulate and win tenfold.

Forget about straight wins. Predicting whether both teams score all if the match ends with more than 2.5 goals scored often have better odds and are easier to predict. With this in mind, don’t limit yourself to money line wagers when there are odds with better value.

To Conclude

Accumulator bets, often called ACCA bets, provide one of the best ways to maximize your wins. Unlike single bets, you combine multiple wagers into one. Usually, most people pick teams with high odds of winning even if their odds are painfully low.

On the flipside, there are always value bets if you dig deep. Open your mind to multiple types of wagers. And if you can find four or more bets promising great value, consider wagering on them.