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A brief history of bingo - from Medieval game to online phenomenon

The game of bingo is surprisingly far from new.

The truth is that the origin of bingo can be traced back to the Italian medieval game titled “Lo Giuco del Lotto D’Italia”, which arrived on the scene in the 1400s.

The Italian game stands as a very crude precursor to today’s bingo game, but the entire of central Europe witnessed the bingo blueprint by the 18th and 19th century.

However, one funny thing about this is that at this time, bingo was used as an educational tool in schools, instead of a game for gambling. However, when the United States businessman named Edwin S. Lowe came onto the scene, he designed a series of scorecards for bingo.

This took place during the 20th century, and not up to 100 years after that shift, bingo has gained popularity as one of the most played games in the entire world. The place of the bingo sector has also been cemented by the arrival of online gambling, such that people now have easy access to bingo games from wherever they are. It’s given rise to sites like Bingo Sites for the best bingo sites comparison. To understand whether the bingo industry is also growing as online gambling enjoys a general growth, continue reading.

A Short History of Online Gambling

With the prevalence of online gambling in 2020, many people may tend to believe that it has been an age long fashion. But the fact remains that the online gambling phenomenon is a 21st century thing. It was towards the end of the 20th century that the Internet gained in prominence, and it took it some years before it further developed the capacity to host any type of game. The developers of online slots did a lot for the gambling industry in this regard, because they were the first to push for developments in online gambling technology.

It was in the 2000s that developers started the move, and it didn’t take long before online gambling became a household activity. To put things into proper context, we have to tell you that in the last few years, online casinos have witnessed more patronage than land based casinos, and this trend is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

The Rise of the Bingo Industry in the 21st Century

Just like we’ve said before, there is nothing new about the game of bingo, as people have been enjoying it since the 16th century. But bingo took its form as an industry of its own only in the 20th century, and that was the first time an attempt was made by a person to get many people to buy into the idea of playing bingo. The 21st century saw bingo blossom into something that is independent and sustainable, but all that is as a result of the seed sown in the 20th century.

Here, we are talking about bingo as a land based and online game, as many bingo halls have been developed in the past few years, while many online bingo sites have been launched in the last few years as well. One huge development in the 21st century is the arrival of bingo games that are specifically designed to appeal to young people, and the use of things like night clubs to lure in younger players.

When Did Online Bingo Gain Popularity?

So can we now reveal when online bingo became popular?  The truth here is that we can trace back the popularity of online bingo to 2003. That was the first time the signs became more visible. But it took it another 10 years to become very clear and popular. This delay could be attributed to the fact that the technology available at that time never gave the level of smooth playing experience that could wow players, and because most of the players were still in love with what happened at the bingo halls.

In 2010, most of the barriers gave way due to advancement in gaming technologies, and online bingo witnessed an astronomical rise in popularity and success. One of the factors that made this possible is the creative additions by online bingo platforms. They include things like games of different variants and chat rooms, and they propelled the huge fame that bingo is enjoying today.

The Effect of Online Gambling Laws on the Bingo Sector

The changes that online gambling has brought to general gambling regulations in the UK is one thing that bingo should be grateful for. Through the Gambling Act 2004, the UK government decided to legalize gambling advertisements in the country, and because of this, the masses were given the chance to enjoy online bingo in a way never seen before.

So, if you are asked whether the growth witnessed in the online gambling industry is also witnessed in the bingo sector today, the answer is a resounding yes.