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A look at the pros and cons of playing slot games

Casino games fall into two distinct categories of table games and slots. While there are certainly plenty of players who enjoy both, there is also a significant number who fall firmly into one camp or the other. Despite the widespread popularity of slots, there are some who keep well away and will play only table games. So what’s going on and why can slot games provoke such differences of opinion? Let’s explore the pros and cons of playing slot games compared with other casino offerings such as blackjack or roulette. 

The pros

1) Simplicity – there’s really no great mystery to slot games, and while you need to understand how aspects like scatters and wilds work in specific games, it only takes a few spins of the reels to do so. Compare that with a card game, or the seemingly endless complexities of the craps table, and you can see why beginners tend to gravitate to the slots.

2) Variety – if you search through the sites listed on an internationally recognized review site like, to say you’ll be spoilt for choice is an understatement. There are hundreds of slot games out there on every theme imaginable, from traditional retro-style fruit machines to games with movie-style production values and story arcs. From Game of Thrones to a game of football, whatever interests you, there’s sure to be a slot game on the topic.

3) Jackpots – we all know the rules. Only play for fun, and bet what you can afford to lose. Still, a win is always a nice bonus, and with a slot game, there’s that outside chance of serious rewards, especially when there’s a progressive jackpot in play, as these can run to seven figures or even more. OK, so the chances of winning are astronomically slim, but they exist. In table games like blackjack, you are generally only looking at even money returns.

The cons

1) Volatility – that outside chance comes at a price. You might spin the reels 20 times for no reward. Playing blackjack, or making even money bets like red/black at roulette keeps you in the action and you should win about as often as you don’t.

2) Speed – taken in combination with the volatility factor, this can add up to danger. A spin of the reels is over much faster than a decision in roulette or a game of blackjack. It means that if you have a bad run, as we all do from time to time, your bankroll can be decimated in the blink of an eye.

3) Luck – while there might be some skill elements to a bonus game, slot gaming is mostly about spinning the reels and hoping for the best. Some feel that makes it an inferior experience to blackjack or poker, where you also need skill and the right strategy.

Which is for you?

Slot games can be highly entertaining and bring the outside chance of a big windfall if you get lucky. However, they also carry some risks, and are not as nuanced as table games. Our advice? For the perfect casino night, spend your time at the table games, and then use any winnings to try your luck on the slots – it means you experience the best of all worlds!