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Super Bowl odds

Who wins Super Bowl February 5, 2023?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Buffalo Bills7.206.50
Tampa Bay Buccaneers11.508.00
Kansas City Chiefs12.5010.00
Green Bay Packers13.5012.00
Los Angeles Rams14.0011.00
Los Angeles Chargers16.0013.00
San Francisco 49Ers19.0015.00
Baltimore Ravens21.0017.00
Dallas Cowboys21.0021.00
Denver Broncos22.0016.00
Cincinnati Bengals23.0019.00
Indianapolis Colts27.0023.00
Philadelphia Eagles34.0026.00
Minnesota Vikings41.0029.00
New Orleans Saints41.0029.00
Arizona Cardinals42.0031.00
Las Vegas Raiders42.0034.00
Cleveland Browns44.0029.00
Tennessee Titans44.0029.00
New England Patriots48.0034.00
Miami Dolphins55.0034.00
Pittsburgh Steelers81.0067.00
Detroit Lions126.0067.00
Jacksonville Jaguars130.00101.00
Carolina Panthers150.0067.00
New York Giants150.0081.00
Chicago Bears170.00101.00
New York Jets190.00101.00
Washington Commanders210.0067.00
Seattle Seahawks300.0081.00
Houston Texans301.00176.00
Atlanta Falcons500.00126.00

Super Bowl 2023

Sportsbooks have already been popping up with odds for the next Super Bowl, and which teams may play a part in them. Here we are going to take a look at a few of the teams that should easily be in contention next year, along with one or two longshots that could surprise the world.

Starting off with the Kansas City Chiefs. Unless they make some drastic roster change during the offseason, they are championship contenders without a doubt. The last four years have seen the Chiefs play in the AFC Championship game, two of which they have won. One of those two games saw them win the Super Bowl as well. Patrick Mahomes is arguably the best quarterback in the league at the moment and the duo of Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill are still unstoppable.

Right behind them is the Buffalo Bills. Unfortunately, these two great teams are in the exact same conference. However, Buffalo may be ready to take the mantle of best team in the league if they have another strong season. Josh Allen is coming off of one of the greatest performances of all time in two playoff games yet he somehow lost to the Chiefs despite leading with 13 seconds to go in regulation. This team is incredibly talented from top to bottom. They will be among the best teams for as long as Allen stays on their roster.

The final contender that we should be mentioning is the Los Angeles Rams. They are one of the two teams about to play in the upcoming Super Bowl, but chances are we may see them back next year. Matthew Stafford isn’t likely to be going anywhere during the offseason. Plus, they have Aaron Donald, Von Miller and Jalen Ramsey on defense. Cooper Kupp is also coming off a record-breaking season for a wideout. Even if they lose a player or two, the Rams will be towards the top of the list.

Now onto the longshots. The Dallas Cowboys are on this list. They are a very talented team with a lot of young pieces on their roster right now. Dak Prescott has proven to be a stellar quarterback as well. The only problem is that they haven’t performed well in the postseason whatsoever. They start games off way to slow and the coaching has been questionable over there for years. Changes need to be made, but if done correctly, they could be really good.

The final longshot is the Denver Broncos. This is heavily reliant upon their offseason. This is a group that has a load of talent on their roster already. We saw flashes of brilliances from them on the defensive side, but the offense was lacking much needed experience and potential. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams, both players on the Green Bay Packers, have expressed interest in joining the Broncos roster. On top of that, they are in the market for a new head coach to partner up with a new look offense. The future is bright for Denver, but only if they maximize their potential.