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Australian Open Betting: Everything You Need to Know

Australian Open is one of the most awaited yet first grand slam of 2019 coming up with thrilling events, fun, and most of all betting. This will be the 107th tennis tournament and 51st in the Open Era. Starting from Monday 14 Jan, people are already hyped about the unexpected consequences – especially the Australian Open betting world.

About Australian Open

The Australian Open offers the biggest tennis betting markets to punsters all around the world. It is often held in the last two weeks of January every year in Melbourne, Australia – sometimes the first week of February too. Australian Open was first held in 1905 and was played on grass courts until 1988. Later, the grass courts were changed to hard courts you see today.

Australian Open has been held in two New Zealand cities and five Australia until it was permanently moved to Melbourne in 1972 due to the enormous crowd.

Prize Money at Australian Open

There has been an increment of 10% in the prize money of Australian Open 2019. The prize money of 2019 Australian Open is about $60.5 Million – increased from $55 million in 2018. Though, both men and women alone will receive more than $4 million each.

Betting Odds at Australian Open Tournament

Australian Open 2019 is expected to possess exciting betting odds like the 2018 tournament both in men’s and women’s game. Considered as the best tennis tournament in the world, Australian Open betting odds are hard to predict and addicting at the same time. The competition is tough as the game is played on a hard court which also makes it difficult for punsters to distribute the betting odds equally.

Most of the people have already bought the early-bird tickets and punsters as the well ordinary audience is going crazy about this epic event covering a lot of games i.e. women’s single, men’s singles, doubles, mixed doubles, junior’s tournaments, and masters. The diversity of games, tough betting odds, and the worldwide popularity makes the best Australian Open betting odds.

Final Verdict

Are you looking forward to betting in the upcoming Australian Open 2019? If so, there are greater chances that you have already purchased the early-bird tickets to enjoy every moment of the Australian Open. Well, we wish you a good luck testing your odds at Australian Open.