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Best Football Goals The Last Decade!

Best Football Goals Last decade

There is something absolutely magical about watching a ball fly into the back of the net with great technique, precision, and an erupting crowd that follows. Isn’t that why we all love the game of football? It’s certainly why we love to watch the game, we’ve been treated to some amazing goals over the last 10 years. With football sadly postponed basically all over the globe due to COVID-19, a lot of football fans have been watching replays of famous games and can't wait to get back trying their luck at football betting online. We thought we’d take a look back at some of the top goals witnessed in the last decade and as expected - some of the best are by Ronaldo!

1. Ronaldo bicycle kick - Champions League

There has not been another goal scored over the last decade with such a picture-perfect technique as this goal. This one deserves the spot at the top of our list not only due to the occasion and technique, but because it even warranted a round of applause from the away fans. This is something that almost never happens in football, but Cristiano Ronaldo definitely deserved the reaction he received from the Juventus fans.

It wasn't a huge moment in the game, but the way that he rose for the ball and the connection that he actually got was just incredible. It is not only one of the best goals we have seen in the Champions League in recent years, but it is also one of the best goals that we have seen over the entirety of the last decade. Interestingly enough, Ronaldo then made the move to Juventus after destroying them in this game.

2. Ibrahimovic bicycle kick against England

Scoring a bicycle kick is one thing, but scoring a bicycle kick from outside the box is just something that is almost unheard of in football. Well, it was unheard of until Zlatan Ibrahimovic achieved this exact feat against England in 2012. The game between Sweden and England may have only been a friendly one, but Ibrahimovic is always capable of some magic regardless of the importance of the game.

When the England goalkeeper rushed off his line to try and punch the ball away, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was lurking just outside the box and hit a bicycle kick that would rock the world. He didn't wait for the ball to bounce and therefore caught the goalkeeper running back, and all the England players could do was watch while the ball flew into the net. Then in typical Ibrahimovic style, he acted as though he absolutely expected to score this goal and continued to do a bit of a lap of honor just to rub salt in the wound.

3. Ronaldo free-kick - World Cup

Every World Cup event is always amazing to watch, but there haven't been many tournaments where fans have been treated to such a game in the tournament opener. In 2018, Spain kicked things off with a game against Portugal, or should we say a game against Cristiano Ronaldo? In the dying minutes of the game with Portugal trailing 3-2, they were awarded a free-kick on the edge of the box.

With two goals already under his belt, who else would step up to take the free-kick but Cristiano Ronaldo? Millions of football fans around the world watched as he composed himself, visualized where he would strike the ball, and delivered with perfect execution. This meant that the game would go on to finish 3-3, earning Portugal an absolutely vital point during the group stage.

4. Gareth Bale - Champions League Final

Here we have another bicycle kick that was scored in the 2018 Champions League final against Liverpool. We aren’t too sure whether Bale and Ronaldo were having some sort of bicycle kick competition at Real Madrid, but the goal that Bale scored in this game was almost as good as the one Ronaldo scored against Juventus. Bale rose off the ground like an Olympic high-jumper to grab this one, and he managed to hit topspin on the ball to dip it over the goalkeeper's head.

The technique may not have been as good as the one Ronaldo scored, but the occasion means that Bale definitely deserves his place here. What an incredible goal this was, and we feel privileged to have been able to witness such a goal in a game of that magnitude.

We hope you enjoyed our short recap of some of the best moments of Football history for generations to remember!

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