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Brady-Gronk Tandem Leads Bucs’ Troop In Super Bowl LV Championship


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Brady-Gronk Tandem Leads Bucs’ Troop In Super Bowl LV Championship

Tom Brady’s haters are nowhere to be found in the NFL today as he sends the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl LV finals this weekend. During the Draft, the NFL community was shocked after Brady left the Pats, which was his home for almost twenty years. He got traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and signed a pricey contract.

With this movement, some football fans doubted his capability of joining an underdog team. The Bucs haven’t been into the finals since 2002 and did not even appear in the postseason. With Brady’s addition to the team, the Bucs managed to soar high and nailed an epic comeback arriving at the Super Bowl finals this weekend.

Recording a historic finals match-up in their home field, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have created a better roster this season. Now that they’re almost a step away from earning the Super Bowl title, here are the best men that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will launch in the NFL finals battlefield.

Tom Brady

At 43, Brady has never dulled his sparkle. Living the legacy of being the best quarterback of all time is what makes this player a significant one. Upon his entry to the Bucs,  he proved to everyone that it’s not about the team, but it’s all about the talent. Earning six Super Bowl champions is already great but making it seven is legendary.

Lavonte David

Lavonte David has worked for the Bucs in eight straight years.  With this tenure, David emerged as one of the dangerous linebackers in the league. He has the ability to travel efficiently in the field and has made precise tackles since then. This season, David accomplished 1, 125 tackles, 24.0 sacks, 12 interceptions, and three defensive touchdowns.

Rob Gronkowski

In 2019, Rob  Gronkowski left the NFL after retiring from the Pats. Everyone was under the impression that he would no longer play, but he joined his former teammate Tom Brady in the Bucs. Gron is the best tight end in the NFL since then, and the tandem he created with Brady has been effective in today’s season.

Leonard Fournette

During the NFC Championship, the Bucs defeated the Green Bay Packers to a 31-26 game run. Leonard Fournette has led the rushing department to win it all. He made 12 carries in 55 yards. These numbers are enough to convince the Chiefs that Leonard Fournette is a linebacker they should not underestimate in the finals.

Ronald Jones II

Drafted from the USC in 2018, Ronald Jones II is the newest addition to the Bucs’ lineup. In their match up with the Packers, Jones secured ten carries in 16 yards. As such, Jones became the recipient of  First-Team All-Pac 12. In this 2020 record, Ronald Jones made 1,746 rushing yards, 66 receptions, and 1 receiving touchdown.

Chris Godwin

This 2019 Pro Bowler has shown a wide receiver’s agility in the green field. Chris Godwin made it possible for the Bucs to win over the Packers after five receptions in 110 yards. With this, they’re able to punch a ticket to the Super Bowl LV finals. Lastly, Godwin made a total of 244 receptions, 3,540 receiving yards,  and 24 touchdowns.

Mike Evans

Mike Evans entered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2014 and has earned the PFWA All-Rookie. In his current scorecard, he made 532 receptions, 8,266 receiving yards, with 61 receiving touchdowns. In the NFC championship, he had accomplished a touchdown with three receptions in 51 yardages.

Devin White

The 2018 Butkus recipient had debuted his professional football career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2019. Like Mike Evans, he became part of the 2019 PFWA All-Rookie and 2020 Second-Team All-Pro. As far as his records say, Devin White has accomplished 231 tackles, 11.5 sacks, and two defensive touchdowns.

Jason Pierre Paul

Jason Pierre Paul is a  three-time Pro Bowler that joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2018. Upon joining the team as the outside linebacker, he accomplished more than what he’d done with his former team, the New York Giants. Upon Brady’s arrival, he boosted his scorecard. He accomplished 573 tackles, 59 sacks, four interceptions, and three defensive touchdowns.


The Tampa Bay Bay Buccaneers probably find it surreal to enter the Super Bowl LV this year. Although it is not possible because they have Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in the current roster, their final appearance has surprised the NFL community. Whatever the reason may be, the Bucs did their homework and is now a step closer to the Lombardi.

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers getting a home-field advantage this weekend, they might have a bigger chance to take home the crown. Can the Bucs manage to win all these Super Bowl LV finals with Brady-Gron on their side?