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Burton Albion next manager odds

Burton Albion next permanent manager odds

Who will be next Burton Albion manager after Dino Maamria?

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Dino Maamria’s Masterplan For Burton Albion in the 2022/23 Season

After an unsuccessful spell in the last few seasons, Burton Albion seems more dedicated than ever to switch things up. In late 2022, the EFL League One team decided to let go of their 2-time manager, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. In his place, Tunisian football manager Dino Maamria is filling in the big shoes. Over the last few years, he has sat in the role of assistant manager at the Brewers.

When Hasselbaink was let go of, Maamria wanted to solidify his new role in the club. This led to a meeting with Burton’s owner, Ben Robinson who ensured that he would be given the position of full time manager, rather than a temporary caretaker. According to his interview with BBC Sport, Maamria stated his reasoning “If we want to do this properly, we have to do it properly straight away.”

As its full time manager for the past few months now, there’s still a lot of pressure on Maamria’s shoulders. The task ahead is one that will require a good dose of patience. If his history is anything to go by, he is the right man for the job. Starting his managerial career at Northwich Victoria back in 2007, Maamria was able to take the poorly performing team away from the bottom of the league to safety within a span of 17 games.

At the Pirelli Stadium, many hope that Dino Maamria will be able to save the team from finishing at the bottom of the table once again. Things aren’t in great shape at the team right now, and it’s going to take a lot of effort to fix them. So far, there are 26 games played this season and the Brewers have only been able to secure a poor result of 5 wins. Two of those wins have come from their last five games, so there might be a chance for them to build a sense of momentum. It’s going to take a large dose of motivation from Maamria to channel them forward.

The Tunisian manager trusts in his ability to deliver, especially thanks to his previous experience working with these players over the last few years. There isn’t a need to build rapport or micro manage the different personalities thanks to the familiarity. Instead, it’s just a matter of creating a solid long-term game plan, and build the confidence to work towards it.

So far, he has led the team to a stronger form compared to their previous season. To make them more competitive, signing free agents it as the top of Maamria’s list. He’ll have to consider a lot of factors in this process, particularly among their forwards. So far, he has sang praises to Victor Adeboyejo, and the recent signing of Dale Taylor should help the Brewers find more opportunities at the back of the net.

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