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Carlisle next manager odds

Carlisle next permanent manager odds

Carlisle next manager after Paul Simpson

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Carlisle United – Paul Simpson

In February 2022 Carlisle United started to look for a new manager in order to make better results. The board decided that it’s for the best if the club is manager by someone who spent a lot of years there. Paul Simpson seemed like a great idea back then and now we all know that he was the right choice. Paul signed a three-year deal with Carlisle. In his first period at the team, he won back to back promotion from English Conference to English League One from 2004 to 2006, which makes him local hero.

Paul has very rich career as a player and also as a manager. He started his football career in Manchester City and after changing several teams mostly from England in 2003 he joined Carlisle where at some point he was player-manager. During his career as a manager, he also changed several teams before joining Carlisle again. He took over the team in February 2022 when Carlisle was in deep crisis and was in the relegation zone in League Two. He turned things around really quickly and save the team from relegation.

Carlisle chairman Andrew Jenkins said: “It doesn’t need me to say that Paul is hugely respected both in Carlisle and across the football world. He’s a Carlisle fan, he knows the club, and he knows what it means to the fans. He also knows this is a difficult task, but his knowledge, experience, and passion will be a huge asset to the dressing room and the club. We hope everyone will get behind him and the players through what is a hugely important period.

He agreed that he would come to help his hometown club, and he was insistent that things were done properly in terms of the changeover, and that his appointment would be on a short-term basis at this stage. He now has the support of everyone at the club as we move forward from here.”

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