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Champions League Round of 16

Which Teams to Bet on in the Champions League Round of 16?

UEFA Champions League knockout stage is getting near, and we are taking a look at which clubs have the best chance of advancing!

Champions League Round of 16 Preview: Who Will Advance?

UEFA Champions League is currently on the winter break, but once the competition restarts, we will get to enjoy some amazing matches in the Round of 16.

In this article, we are analyzing the draw, and focusing on which teams could advance to the quarter-finals. If you prefer online gambling over football, take a look at this Royal Vegas review, and try out the best slots, roulette, and live games out there.

Real Madrid v Manchester City

You won’t find a more exciting tie than the one that sets Real Madrid against Manchester City. Zinedine Zidane already won this competition with this team, while the Sky Blues still have to win the first Champions League in their rich history.

None of these two teams are enjoying fantastic seasons, but we believe that City will advance. Pep Guardiola pinpointed their focus is on winning the CL, and they are already too far behind Liverpool to win the Premier League. Real Madrid, on the other hand, will keep fighting with Barcelona and other contenders for domestic trophies, which might cost them advancing to the quarter-finals.

Atletico v Liverpool

Another tie that matches Spanish and English clubs is the current Champions League winners have a tough draw since Diego Simeone’s team is known for its disciplined tactics and rigid style of play.

The reason why this tie is interesting is that we have a clash of different football philosophies. We will see if Jürgen Klopp can outwit his Argentinian colleague. Although Liverpool is playing a season of their dreams, there is no doubt Atletico can eliminate them in two matches. We would stick to a small number of goals, especially if the first game ends in a draw.

Borussia Dortmund v Paris Saint Germain

We’ve always admired Borussia Dortmund for their approach of risking on young players and playing attractively and with a lot of goals. That trend will probably continue in their tie against Paris Saint Germain, which is not a defensive team either.

A lot will depend on the mood of Neymar and other stars of the club from Paris. If they are eligible and feel like playing, they should have no trouble eliminating Dortmund. However, we believe these two matches will be a joy to watch and filled with goals.

Napoli v Barcelona

Napoli is having a terrible season in Serie A, and the arrival of Gennaro Gattuso hasn’t changed that. They still have about a month to find the right squad to meet Barcelona, which also promoted a new coach.

Quique Setien replaced Ernesto Valverde as it was obvious the Catalonian team hadn’t played well under their former manager. Although anything goes for this tie, we believe that the new coach will find a way to recover Messi and his teammates, and ensure they eliminate Napoli and advance to the quarter-finals.

Chelsea v Bayern

Chelsea is going down a different road than the usual one as they are focusing on promoting young players, and using what they have. Frank Lampard is doing a decent job, but it’s hard to imagine that they have what it takes to eliminate Bayern.

The club from Munich still didn’t appoint a new manager, and former assistant Hans Dieter-Flick remains in charge. However, the team seems to play better now, and Chelsea shouldn’t be a match for them. That doesn’t mean the task will be easy, which is why you can also consider at least one draw in this tie.

Here are our thoughts on other ties:

  • Atalanta v Valencia – Atalanta somehow found their way to the knockout stage. Although Valencia is not the strongest opponent out there, they should still be capable of taking the Italians down.
  • Tottenham v Leipzig – Jose Mourinho will have a difficult job against a team that knows how to score a ton of goals. However, the famous tactician should take the English team to the quarter-finals.
  • Lyon v Juventus – arguably is the most boring couple of the entire Round. It should be easy for Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus to advance.

The first leg matches of Round of 16 are scheduled for February 18, 19, 25, and 26, and teams will play second legs in March.