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Chelsea Hospitality features - Blues Dining packages

Are you a Chelsea fan looking for some unmatched matchday hospitality experience?

While there are a number of hospitality options that you can go with, some options top the table like nothing else.

Blues Dining it is. One of the hottest matchday hospitality options, it provides a bunch of enticing features making it a total deal.

Still in doubt? Keep reading!

5 Reasons why Blues Dining is a great catch for treating your guests

While all hospitality packages would provide you with a great matchday experience, Blues Dining hospitality packages have something more in store.

Here is a list of exclusive features that Blues Dining offers.

1. The drinks you want

Drinks are an important part of any hospitality package. While, other hospitality packages would offer you a wide range of drinks to choose from, Blues Dining is no less, but with add ons.

With a Blues Dining package you get unlimited complimentary soft drinks, house spirits, beer and wine for yourself and your fraternity. All of this along with a huge food menu loaded with finger licking starters and filling full course meals. Paradise!

2. Savoury selection at half-time

Another awesome treat that blues dining hospitality packages would include is this.

While you are having the time of your life watching your team push the opponents down in the dust at Stamford Bridge Stadium you might need some refreshment. If drinks can’t do it all for you, half-time would bring savoury selection of delicious finger foods delivered straight to your suite.

This would allow you to discuss the game with your guests over some quick bites.

3. Reserved private table

As you’d be coming to watch the game with your guests, having a private table would always be a great add on.

It’s your best bet for enjoying your favourite game uninterrupted with a hospitality service that is a class apart.

So, get your table. Watch the match. Discuss with your guests. Eat with them. Treat them to an unmatched hospitality experience. And after all, celebrate the win in your style on your private table at the Blues Dining.

4. In-room betting facility

While all of the Chelsea hospitality packages are worth every penny, they still don’t offer you an in-room betting facility. Guess what? With a Blues Dining package, you get that too.

So, if betting is your thing, this is your chance. Get your football fraternity and book a table in the blues dining at the Stamford Bridge Stadium, Chelsea.

5. Other attractions like a smartphone app displaying team sheet

Having mentioned some attractive features of blues dining package, we need to tell you something. That’s not where it ends. There’s more.

Before the match starts, you get an extra-luxurious pre-match buffet that consists of bowl food and canapes. And then not to forget, you’d be getting a smartphone app that’d display the entire team sheet with points, rankings and lineup.

Totally something you wouldn’t get when you watch a football match normally.

Final words

While fans might be concerned with Chelsea’s EPL season so far, there’s certainly nothing to be concerned about when it comes to hospitality.

No doubt, while all hospitality packages are great in their own selves, when you are looking for the best one, you need to consider many factors.

In this post we tried to talk about the reasons that make Blues Dining package the perfect fit for treating your guests. It offers a fine list of facilities that make sure you are entertained having the time of your life.

Still confused? Try discussing with your football buds. Let’s know what they think about it.

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