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Copa América 2020 Odds

Who wins the Copa América 2020?

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Next year's Copa America final will be hosted by Colombia

According to a statement from Ivan Duque (President of Colombia), Colombia instead of Argentina (co-host of the competition) will host the final of the next year's Copa America.

It will be the first time since 1983, that the international men's football competition will be hosted by two countries.

In order to align the tournament with the European Championships, CONMEBOL has decided to hold the competition every 4 years in even-numbered years & two years apart from the World Cup, starting from the 2020 event, with the next event taking place in '24.

Since its inception, the competition has been mostly held in odd years.

When making the announcement, the Colombian President said that a great desire of his country people will now be fulfilled.

It was decided back in April by CONMEBOL to award the hosting rights of the competition to the 2 South American countries.

The group stages of the 47th edition of the Copa América will be divided into 2 regions: Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay will compete in the north zone while Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru will play in the south zone.

The zones of guest teams Qatar and Australia are not assigned yet. It will later be decided via a draw.

A total of 8 teams from the group stage will qualify to the quarter-finals; top 4 teams from each group will comprise the total 8.

2019 Copa América held in Brazil was won by the hosting nation making it their 9th title by defeating Peru 3–1 in the final.

The next year's Copa America will be the 4th edition of the competition in a 5 year period following the regular '15 tournament and the one off Centenario in the United States in '16.


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