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World Cup odds


This year the Football World Cup will be played in a country that has no sports history. Just one week before Catholic and 13 days before Orthodox Christmas in 2022, the final of the first Winter World Cup in history will be played. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will open on November 21 and the final will be played on December 18 - one week until Catholic Christmas.

All the World Cups so far have been played in June and July, so it will be difficult for clubs and championships to organize the usual calendars.

In addition, the clubs are aware that they will have to release the players two or three weeks before the start of the World Cup (standard time of preparation for such a big tournament). This championship will be the shortest since 1978 when only 16 national teams participated.

This World Cup is the first to be played in an Arab country, and the second to be played in Asia after the 2022 World Cup. Also, the championship in Qatar will be the last with 32 national teams, from the next World Cup in 2026, 48 national teams will participate.

One of the richest countries in the world a few years ago got the organization of the second largest event in the world, the World Cup. Household means great honor, but also great responsibility. Many are sceptical about its organization.

Due to the unbearable heat in the summer in Qatar, it will be the first World Cup to be played in the colder half of the year, ie. in November and December.

Given that it will be played in the middle of the football season, it was necessary to make a schedule that will have less impact on the course of the season. So we will have a World Cup that will last 28 days, two days less than usual, which seems negligible. The shortened schedule will lead to four matches per day being played instead of the usual three. Because almost all the inhabitants live on a small part of the east coast, the small space led to it being played in eight stadiums instead of the usual 12 stadiums for the World Cup. The problem of cheap labor has already been widely reported, talking about thousands of lost lives being systematically covered up, and as things intensify (besides the mentioned infrastructure, not all stadiums are finished), the situation will only get worse. Once again, everything takes place in the middle of the football season. The Premier League has announced a schedule that envisages their break to start just a week before the start of the World Cup. And yes, 32 national teams will have to accommodate the camps in strained accommodation.

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