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Copa America & Euro 2024 Through The Lens of Sergio Aguero

It is hard to find a player that marked a generation in the way Sergio Aguero did. One of the most prolific strikes of the 2010s made a huge mark in both club and international football. With some of the best goal-scoring seasons in Argentina, Spanish, and English football the popular Kun is a person who has a thing or two to say about all things football.  With two massive football competitions happening in the next month or so, Aguero was a great interlocutor to speak of them. 

After abruptly ending his career due to heart issues, Kun was forced to leave football and pursue other interests within and outside of it. Today, the third-best goal scorer in the history of the Argentina national team works as a media pundit, Twitch streamer, and an ambassador for the massive gambling brand Stake. He recently did an interview for the latter talking about the upcoming Copa America and EURO 2024. As a sportsman who participated in the former and spent a massive chunk of his career in Europe, he's the right person to comment. Below you have a little back and forth between the interviewer and Sergio with questions and answers. 

Considering his South American origin, we're first starting with questions and answers about the 2024 Copa America. 

Is There a Surprise in Paulo Dybala's Omission From The Squad? 

The form of every individual player is not known to me. If you want to look at the person who knows it, do not look further than the coach Lionel Scaloni. He's in charge and his decisions and judgments need to be respected. Paulo is a great guy, loved by the team, and his presence will be missed. But, it is all about the team and not the individuals. This was seen in the previous period and the past tournaments and no one knows this better than Scaloni.

Is Miami Now The Home of Football in America? Argentina Plays The Last Group Stage Match There and Messi Plays Club Football in Miami?  

If you look around there is a big presence of Argentineans in Miami. But, there are also plenty of other South American nations around. Now, with Messi playing in Miami, Argentineans have been at the forefront more than ever. This doesn't diminish the presence of Columbians, Venezuelans, and Mexicans too. In Miami, every selection will have support and not just the USMNT. 

World Cup 2026 - Will Leo Messi be There? 

Don't get too hasty, let's see him perform at this year's Copa first. We all know that Messi is at his best when playing for the national team. So, being able to see him play for the national team once again after bringing home the World Cup should be celebrated. As every regular fan, I would love to see him play until the end of time, but even the best of fairy tales have endings. 

Do You See Argentina as Favorites? 

There's a lot of pressure on the national team, as always, but that doesn't make the team more or less favorites. Argentina is always a favorite in this type of tournament and things are no different now. The nation, the team, the players they're all used to being favored to win. Today, we have WC winners and older players who are transferring this feeling of the national team to the younger lads. This natural transition should bring more international success to Argentina in the years to come. 

If you’re unsure of who will win this tournament you can check Copa America Predictions here. 

How Important is Lisandro Martinez to Argentina's Success? 

The way I see it, Lisandro is a great representation of the new wave of Argentinean talent, passion, and energy that the game needs. This is what earned him his place in European football first with Ajax and then with Manchester United, and also in the national selection. His call-up despite fitness issues is simply because of his value for the team that will try to win this Copa America and any future tournament the national team will play.

Who Do You See as Starters in the 2024 Copa?  

That's for the coaching staff to decide on. Each player brings something different to the team and the form of each player will play a role. I'm sure Lionel Scaloni knows best what will bring this team success. The best part is that the team is versatile with a lot of talent up front and a really solid back line that should serve as a great foundation for any incoming success. 

Copa America Golden Boot? 

This is a tricky one. Any player on the offensive line of the team can win it if their team reaches the final stages of the tournament. Usually, the top scorer plays for one of the top three teams due to the fact they show quality and by reaching the latter stages play more matches. With more chances to score, there's an opportunity for more goals. If I could pick one player it would be Leo Messi without a doubt. 

In the next few paragraphs, you will see the questions that Sergio Aguero was asked about the EURO 2024 and his answers. 

Which Players Will Take The Podium at EURO 2024? 

EURO 2024 is full of talent and there are plenty of names to look after. This competition now has more teams than we're used to, and more space for new and old stars to shine bright. If I had to single out a few names, the best route to go would be with Man City players such as Phil Foden or Doku. Of course, young talents such as Yamal, Wirtz, or Musiala shouldn't be neglected. The future of the game is always in the young legs so they should have our focus. 

Will Erling Haaland's and Norway's  Failure to Reach EUROs Play a Role in Striker's City Season? 

Unfortunately, we will not see Erling play at the EUROs. His talent would bring even more eyes to the tournament. On the positive side, he will be able to rest better and more and be more prepared for the upcoming Premier League season. His fitness might be the key to any future success of Manchester blue boys. 

EURO 2024 Golden Boot?

In this field, the same goes for both Copa and the EUROs. The teams that reach the latter stages have more chances of their players winning individual awards. The usual suspects are the names we are used to seeing in the headlines such as Harry Kane or Kylian Mbappe. The bigger the stage the more the stars shine and these two are the top names at the EURO 2024. 

Do You See Gareth Southgate Coaching Manchester United if England Fails to Win the EUROs? 

This is not something I've been asked before, nor something that I was aware of is a story in England. But, a manager that has been so long at the helm of quality performers such as the England national team can translate that success to club football too. It is a decision that Southgate will have to make because of the vast difference in managing a team in the Premier League and a national selection. For some, managing the national team is a different gravy that they learn to enjoy and want nothing else. 

The Picture of Pep and Mou as Managers of England's National Team? 

It is not a scenario that is easily imaginable. But, football is like magic - anything is possible. 

With almost all subjects of EURO and Copa covered, there was still time to ask Kun about the situation in the Premier League. After all, he spent the majority of his career playing at club level there with Man City. 

Is it a Season of Success for City After Only Winning the PL? 

Of course it is! The year behind us was one of the most competitive in the history of the competition. With three teams up there, and Liverpool and especially Arsenal playing like never before, winning the PL was quite a feat even by Manchester City standards. We're already so used to seeing City win the Premier League that it seems like nothing. But, the last stretch of the season was quite hard on both the staff and players with every game being like a final for the team. In another year, with a tad bit more of luck, City would have won the FA Cup too and would have been at the cups of Champions League final. Yet, this season is a success even without that. 

Were you Impressed with Man UTD in the FA Cup Final?

Unlike City, Man UTD had only that one trophy to fight for. That's why they played defensive, off the ball, and seeking their chances on the counter. This approach paid off, unfortunately. When you play a final, the tides can shift at any moment in any direction. That's football. UTD took their chances, while City failed to convert. At the end of the day, one goal was the difference, and there's not much to do about it now. 

Garnacho, United, and Can He Influence The National Team?

Yes, after the season he had at United where he became a pivotal part of the squad, he can translate his immense club form on the national level. With the transitional period with the Argentine national squad where some of the old guard is closing the ends of their national team careers, he can make a difference. With the Argentina team always looking to remain close to the top, new and exciting talent is always welcomed. 

Will Guardiola Leave City and Start an International Career?

To answer if he'll be a good national team coach, that's without a doubt a yes answer. But, I must admit I'm not of the opinion that a national coaching job would interest him. If you look at how he works and acts at City he's having too much fun to quit club football. As far as skill goes he would excel like in anything else. 

De Zerbi to City? 

Don't think about it. Don't think about Pep leaving. It's best to enjoy Guardiola while he's here and doing his magic at City where he already won every trophy available. It is not wise to think about replacements while Pep is still at the job. Future replacements will be the answer when we have a question to ask. 

Former City Coach Maresca is at Chelsea - What's Your Opinion on Him? 

An interesting coach, who had a great time at City. This change will suit him well. Chelsea is a challenge but his time at City will prove to be a well spent learning period. After success with Leicester City and time under Pep at City, he will be more than ready to take on Chelsea's ambitions. 

Will the Two Enzo's Bode Well at Chelsea? 

They have everything set up nicely. Every good manager can pull the best out of their players. Enzo Maresca will do that for Enzo Fernandez. With Enzo possessing immense quality, a new coach will do wonders for his club form. 

Are You Surprised by Cole Palmer's Success at First Chelsea Season? 

No, there's no surprise as I saw his talent at City first-hand. What was shocking was the small amount of time he needed to adapt to a new environment and gel with new teammates. The sheer statistics parameters he managed to keep on the length of the entire season is something much-experienced players failed to do. Props to Palmer. 

Who's Winning The Ballon d'Or?

At this moment, the answer is clearly Vinicius Jr. He was amazing in La Liga with his performances in the Champions League were even better. He has good competition with his teammate Jude Bellingham, but, due to more flashier play style, he's closer to winning. Of course, their performances with national teams during this summer will be the difference maker. 

While there are plenty more questions that Kun Aguero could answer, we'll have to pass with this much. What do you think about his opinions? Agree or not?