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Masters odds – Get the Best Odds at Masters (darts)

Who wins the Masters (darts) 2021?

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The Masters Darts 2021

The Masters Darts is an upcoming darts tournament that, for the first time, will feature the top 24 players in the world. It will take place at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. The event is set to be staged behind closed doors because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic in Europe.

Due to the number of players, the top eight will automatically progress into the second round. This event will see Dimitri van den Bergh, Glen Durrant, Krzysztof Ratajski, Jose de Sousa, Jeffrey de Zwaan and Chris Dobey making their debuts in the event.

This will be the ninth staging of the tournament and will be the first full tournament of the year as well as the first non-ranking event, first tv event and may play a key in deciding who will get the sought after the tenth spot at the PDC Premier League.

Ahead of the event, the favourite to win has been generally mixed between the current world champion and world number one, Gerwyn Price, and the former holder of both titles Michael van Gerwen. Some also believe players like Gary Anderson may be a contender for the title after his great return to form at the World Darts Championships reaching the final at the start of the month.

The masters is known to throw up surprises and is generally our first indication as to how players are playing going into the new season, for example at the masters 2020 Michael van Gerwen was knocked out round one by Johnny Clayton an event that, apart from a UK Open win, summarised how he played for the entirety of the first half of the year.

As the event is not a ranking event there is no one defending any prize money and the rankings can not be affected by this meaning specific players like Gary Anderson, who pledged to “give it [his] all” this year, may not have practised as much in the run-up to the event whereas MvG may be looking at it as a way to prove he is back to his old self.

This event while being non-ranking has several smaller challenges within it, Gerwyn Price will be looking to show that he is the best in the world following his World Championship win (Much like Peter Wright did last year), Michael van Gerwen also wants to show he is the best in the world and that his form has not disappeared as some had rumoured. Rob Cross may be under pressure to prove to dart fans he still has what it takes after backlash on social media due to his inclusion in the Premier League and for the players currently not in the premier league, this is their chance to prove to Barry Hearn and the PDC that they are worthy of the tenth and final spot in the event.

The Master 2021 will take place between the 29th and 31st of January and will be broadcast on ITV and other international broadcast partners of the PDC/Matchroom Sport. It can also be noted that this same weekend in the same venue the German Open, Snooker is taking place also organised by Matchroom Sport it is yet to be seen how they are going to work with the double-booked arena.

The Masters (darts) 2022 will be held before The Masters (snooker) 2022.