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Emilia Romagna GP odds – Get the Best Odds at Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Which driver wins the Emilia Romagna GP 2020?

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Team to feature winning driver

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

F1, Emilia Romagna GP 2020:

World Championship in the fog

An unclear race for a clear winner

While Power Unites are being switched on in Portimao for the 2020 Portuguese GP, here we are talking about the next race: 2020 Emilia Romagna GP, featuring the return of Imola circuit after its last appearance in the F1 calendar (over 14 years ago) when it still hosted the San Marino GP. Returning as a replacement for the other circuits which F1 could not race on due to the still rampaging Coronavirus pandemic, Imola will be a tough race for those teams that suffer low track temperatures and have difficulties in warming up tires since November in Emilia Romagna are notorious for being rigid and very humid. Some even speculates that the circuit is going to be engulfed in the typical thick fog of Northern Italy autumn. If very dense, the fog could be a great pain in the neck for pilots and times, as reduced visibility is never good news, especially on a circuit no current driver but Kimi Räikkönen has ever raced on. However hazy the sight may be, it is cristal clear that Emilia Romagna GP could be Lewis Hamilton’s first match point for winning is seventh World Champions title, the fourth in a row. Sure enough, with every other driver, excluding Bottas and Verstappen, already cut off the championship race (admitting that they ever stood a chance against the almost unstoppable duo Hamilton-Mercedes Hamilton needs to win this and Portimao GP and hope Bottas and Verstappen does not do better than a third place and a DNF to secure his title. It is not that probable that Vallteri’s Mercedes will suffer another failure in the span of two or three Grand Prix, but this year has already proven enough randomly chaotic to be beyond human foreseeability.

Things always go in threes

For the last of three races hosted in Italy, Ferrari fans really hope this will end up different from the previous two, considering that both cars didn’t finish the Italian GP whereas Tuscany GP was a slightly better version of the Belgian GP since Vettel and Leclerc managed to score a little amount of points, although because half of the contestants were out of the race or penalized. However, since air and track condition will be very similar to the ones recorded at Nurburgring, it is safe to say that Emilia Romagna GP will be the third Italian disappointment, unless the new upgrades that are currently being tested in Portugal could drastically improve Ferrari drivability and stability. Nevertheless, no matter how mad and odd this year could be, one thing we can all count on is Ferrari technicians’ incapability to produce upgrades that actually work as intended.