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Best in Central Europe in Eurovision 2018 Odds

Odds on Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Which country will be best in Central Europe?

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Central Europe hasn’t hosted the Eurovision Song Contest since 2014 in Austria and the countries desire to be the winner and get the chance of bringing back the contest to the soul of Europe can be seen in the quality of the song that Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland are sending this year in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Czech Republic is the real surprise of this year offering us a pop song with a catchy chorus and that will make it difficult to resist dancing. One could easily state that ‘Lie To Me’ is the best song the Czechs have ever sent. It is fresh, contemporary and radio-friendly, with a charismatic young performer at the helm who also wrote the song. It’s also a very fun tune with a catchy hook and cool R&B-like beat, with some nice trumpet work being a particular highlight.

Cesár Sampson was internally chosen in December 2017 as this year’s Austrian representative. ‘Nobody But You’ appears to be his first single. The song is a mixture of Hozier and Rag ‘N’ Bone Man, though his voice is perhaps not as gravelly as the latter. In fact, his voice is quite delicate at times. The monochrome music video sees him running through the snow.

Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer will represent Poland with the song “Light me up”. The verses are more melodic and the chorus lacks much in the way lyrics. Not to worry – it’s a strong entry, even if veering too close to repetitive territory. Far better than ‘Flashlight’, Poland should ease into the grand final without too much trouble in Lisbon. The public will most likely enjoy the song more than the juries, but if everything works well on the night, Gromee and Lukas Meijer could be looking at a good result in this year’s contest. ‘Light Me Up’ has many fans.

Zibbz will represent Switzerland and the band consists of Corinne and Stee Gfeller, and they wrote their entry alongside Laurell Barker, a Canadian musician. Their live performance is solid and confident, with Corinne wearing a black hat and the duo performing next to pyramid and diamond shaped light structures in the Swiss national final. There’s a good R&B-like beat, a bit of attitude behind the words, and it’s staged fairly well.

Hungary enjoys rock music, and this year is finally the time they’ll be sending that genre to the contest. AWS are a five-piece metal/post-hardcore band, formed in 2006. They’ve released a few albums, but this is surely their breakout moment. The middle part of the song comes across as too angst-filled teenager, while the final chorus consists of a little too much on the side of screeching, dampening what has come before, but nobody can argue with the ferocity and energy present on stage.