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Malta Eurovision 2018 odds

Christabelle has been announced as the winner of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018.“Taboo” will be representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal this May. This year's winner was decided by a combination of professional judges and the public's televoting. However this year the public could only vote for one song each.

Christabelle got the maximum 12 points from each of the five jury members and went on to capture the maximum points from televoting. Her song tackles a cause that is very close to the artist’s heart. In the run-up to the contest, Christabelle said her hope was for the song to get people to talk more openly about mental illness. "I'm certainly more excited to be representing Malta at the Eurovision finals, it's a great honor to be proud of the Maltese flag, and of course the ability to perform in front of millions of people is something incredibly special for an artist,“ she said.

The song, titled 'Taboo', and sung by Maltese singer Christabelle, sounds pretty similar to a lot of the popular EDM-y, vaguely euro-trance-y tracks that have done well in the last few years. However, the video... is another matter altogether. It features a dystopian future, in which Christabelle attempts to save people who have been thrown in to a kind of gladiatorial pit... except it looks like they might just be involved in an aggressive dance-off situation instead? That bit isn't exactly clear, but the Mad Max-meets-Nazi Germany overlords are very excited about the show, except Christabelle volunteers as a dance-off tribute, and then everyone is ... ashamed? Actually, that bit isn't exactly clear, either.

Swapping between club dancefloor diva, nude illusion vulnerability and an ethereal woodland look, the video is a good show of the versatility that fans of Malta’s Eurovision selection shows know Christabelle possesses as a performer.

Christabelle Borg or known more simply as just Christabelle, is a Maltese singer-songwriter and television presenter. Borg began working on a career when she was just a teenager, hosting Maltese television shows, ‘Teen Trouble’ and ‘Teen Traffic’. The singer-songwriter is no stranger to Eurovision as her first attempt at representing Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest was all the way back in 2005 at the Junior Edition of the contest with the song, ‘Going Wild’.

Although she failed to qualify, this didn’t stop Christabelle from picking herself up and trying again which is exactly what she did. In 2014, Borg returned to Malta Eurovision Song Contest with high hopes for her entry, ‘Lovetricity’ yet she finished at an under-whelming eighth place. She also attempted to qualify as Malta’s representative for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016.

Christabelle is set to perform “Taboo” for an wide European audience in the second-half of the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. She will hope to avoid the fate of last year’s Maltese act Claudia Faniello, who failed to advance to the Grand Final in Kyiv, placing 16th in the second semi-final.

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