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AFC Champions League 2018

Who wins the AFC Champions League 2018?

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The simplest way of summing up AFC Champions League is it is the UEFA Champions League equivalent for the East. As it is the club competition that is contested between the elite clubs throughout Asia. AFC Champions League started its journey from 2002, and year by year it has grown in not only popularity but also in the quality of play. The next installment of this competition will take place from 12 February to 18 April 2018 between 32 teams. There are eight groups at the start of the competition. Four of them are from the west region and four of them are from the east region. The countries who will have multiple representatives who have already qualified are South Korea, China, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iran. All of them have heavyweights who are capable of winning the competition if their squad perform at their best. But among them, the Chinese teams Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao and Shanghai Greenland Shenhua are sure to go to the later stages of the competitions due to their well-funded squads. 

The region under AFC has the majority of world population. But in the past, there was a lot of lacking in the technical aspect of football which resulted in poor footballing performance throughout the whole region. In recent years popularity in football has increased tremendously in this part of the world. As a result, the quality of football has improved tremendously. In addition to that lot of the teams have experienced world class players from abroad in their team. This not only made each team strong but also helped the local players improve exponentially by playing with their idols.

In addition to the improvement in the quality of the teams, the fact that World Cup will happen in the same year means that 2018's AFC Champions League is destined to become the most exciting tournament in the completion's history if all goes well. Because every player will use this competition as a stage to not only showcase their talents but also improve it. So that they are in the best condition for the biggest stage in world football.