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AFC Champions League 2020

Who wins the AFC Champions League 2020?

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2020 AFC Champions League

All the best football clubs from different countries of AFC compete for the title of the AFC Champions League. The 2020 AFC Champions League will start from 14th January with the preliminary stage and will end with the final on 28th November 2020. This tournament is hosted by Asian Football Confederation (AFC). This will be the 39th edition of Asia’s premier club football and the 18th with the current AFC Champions League title. The Champions of 2020 AFC Champions League will qualify for the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup. The 2020 FIFA Club World Cup will be held in Qatar. Qatar is already qualified for it. So, the runners-up of 2020 AFC Champions League will also qualify for it if Qatar becomes the champion. Saudi Arabia’s football club Al-Hilal won the 2019 AFC Champions League, winning the final against Urawa Reds. They are the defending champions.

The AFC is divided into two regions. West region, which includes the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF), the Central Asian Football Association (CAFA) and the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF). East region, which includes the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) and the East Asian Football Federation (EAFF). The teams are ranked on their performance on various AFC tournaments in recent years. The tournament teams will be considered according to the AFC rankings. The top twelve teams from each region will be able to enter. The top six teams will get direct slots according to their ranking. Other teams need to play the play-offs to get into the tournament.

Here is the ranking of the AFC members of the West region:

  1. United Arab Emirates;
  2. Saudi Arabia;
  3. Qatar;
  4. Iran;
  5. Uzbekistan;
  6. Iraq;
  7. Tajikistan;
  8. India;
  9. Syria; (They are not eligible)
  10. Jordan;
  11. Kuwait;
  12. Bahrain;


The ranking of the AFC members of the East region are:

  1. South Korea;
  2. China;
  3. Japan;
  4. Australia; (maximum of three slots from the teams of Football Federation Australia and the A-League)
  5. Thailand;
  6. Malaysia;
  7. Hong Kong;
  8. Vietnam;
  9. Philippines;
  10. Singapore;
  11. Indonesia;
  12. Myanmar;

The tournament will have preliminary rounds and then the play-offs stage. The number of teams will be expanded to 40 from 2021. The group stage of 2020 AFC Champions League will have 8 groups, 4 teams facing each other in each group including a total of 32 teams. The best 2 teams from each group will qualify for the round of 16. The Knockout stage with two legs will begin from there. The winners will move on to the quarter-finals, then to the semi-finals and the final. The first leg of the final will be on 22 November 2020 and the second leg on 28 November 2020.


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