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France World Cup 2018


France at World Cup 2018: Stage of Elimination

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Runner Up2.622.62

France Top Team Goalscorer

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

France may be the strongest team on paper at the moment. Because they have multiple world-class talents for every position in their squad. So if one player is not up to mark, there are ample opportunities for replacing them. Moreover, their squad is stacked with countless young superstars who are bound to excel in the upcoming tournament. So sooner rather than later, France is bound to add silverware to justify the involvement of their extraordinary squad.

The last big football tournament was the Euro, and expectation was pretty high for the France national team there too. And throughout the whole tournament, the France national team didn't fail to deliver just that. But at the end of the road, luck was not on their side. So they were unable to achieve what they deserved here. This experience of heartbreak should play a vital role in strengthening the mindset of the national team.

Didier Deschamps has been their coach for some time. And right now throughout following the instruction given in the previous matches his team clearly knows what their gaffer wants them to do. Moreover, the situation of the France national team feels like that the stars have aligned perfectly for them. Because they are in the perfect condition to go into a tournament. As even though the majority of the France squad is very young but they have shown maturity unlike what their age suggests. So, they are a reliable bunch of players. Lastly, no matter what happens in the World Cup one thing is certain. And that is, France will be a formidable opponent for any team.


France v Australia

France 1.16

Draw 6.50

Australia 19.00


All odds quoted are correct at time of publication and are subject to change.