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Group G World Cup odds

Who will win the 2022 FIFA World Cup Group G?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Group G: Top 2

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Group G of the Qatar World Cup 2022

Team Brazil

The World Cup history and Brazil national team go hand in hand. The reason is that Brazil has won the most number of World Cups in the history of the competition. The Brazil team has always been one of the bests in this competition and this year is no exception but its been a while since Brazil has won the World Cup. They won it in 2002, the last time when the legendary Triple R (Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo) was the attack of Brazil. This year they have many great players like Neymar Jr, Coutinho and Vinicius Jr who recently had a great season with Real Madrid. In the mid, they have Casemiro and in defence, Thiago Silva is ready to defend the badge. Brazil has a great chance of winning their 6th World Cup but can they really do it?

Team Serbia

Serbia is a great team among those considered as middle table teams. They haven’t won the World Cup so far. They were knocked in groups stages of the World Cup since 2006, Serbia also failed to qualify for 2014 World Cup. Serbia isn’t a mediocre team but chances of him going in the upper stages are quite low because of the toughness of the competition but in football miracles happen and if lucky and hardwork turn in favour of Serbia, they might not challenge the throne but they definitely can challenge those seeking the throne.

Team Switzerland

Switzerland has been of the most interesting sides in the World Cup. They are considered as a team that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The Swiss team hasn’t been qualified for the quarter finals since 1954 and reached the RO16 in Russia 2018. Though the team has been equipped with some fine players but considering their plays and players they can reach the quarterfinals of this year’s World Cup. The Switzerland team might not be the contenders but they can cause fatal damage.

Team Cameroon

The Cameroon international team failed to enter in the last World Cup held in Russia. The Cameroon team has been mediocre in the World Cups and hasn’t gone further group stages since the 1990 World Cup where they reached the quarterfinals. Cameroon’s journey in this group won’t be easy but lets see what can they do in Qatar.

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