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African Handball Championship Odds

Who wins the African Handball Championship 2022?

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The handball fans already know what time of the year is, it’s handball time! January, the month of handball is in front of us, get ready for it! And this January we’ll have not one, but two great tournaments that will rock your world ladies and gentleman, the European Handball Championship and the African Championships! Today, we’ll talk about the African Handball Championship 2022, which will be held during Africa Cup of Nations!

Africa, the land of peace and harmony, the land of contrast, joy, happiness and hope! This winter the land of handball also! The African Men’s Handball Championship which takes place every two years, in the upcoming 2018 will have its 23rd edition and will be held from 17 to 28 January 2018 in Gabon. In addition to crowning the African champions, it also acts as the African qualifying tournament for the 2019 World Men’s Handball Championship. Started in 1974, it is the oldest continental handball competition. This year there are 10 qualified teams split in two groups.
In the group A their seat will take: Tunisia, Algeria, Cameroon, Congo and Gabon, and in the group B: Egypt, Angola, Morocco, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.
The current champions are Egypt, who won the 2016 tournament on home court when they defeated Tunisia in the final. Only three countries have won the tournament. Tunisia, winner of the first edition, has won the title a record nine times. Algeria, with seven titles, and Egypt, with six titles, are the only two other teams to have won the competition. So now, you pretty much know who are the favorites. But which team has the biggest chances?
For the Tunisian side and their fans the main news (and bad one) is the fact that their best player Wael Jallouz will miss the tournament due to injury. This is a big problem for the Tunisian national coach Toni Gerona at the beginning of his era on the bench of one of the strongest African handball nation. The leading star of the Tunisian handball, member of FC Barcelona Lassa is injured and this means that he won’t be able to play at the championship. The 26-years old left back got injured (tibia – left leg) during ASOBAL Cup and will be out for the next six weeks.
This fall Tunisia won the “four nations” tournament on home soil. Team of Spanish coach Toni Gerona celebrated three wins against Bahrein, Algeria and the toughest one against Saudi Arabia 28:26. So the form is well maintained now, but has this team what it takes to get the trophy here?
When it comes to the Egypt national team, it seems everything goes just right. What’s worth mentioning is the fact that this season their best team Zamalek won the 10th African Champions League title. Zamalek were crowned as African champions for the tenth time after defeating Tunisian side Esperance de Tunis 31-29 in the final after extra-time in Tunis. Well it seems that Tunisians doesn’t have so much luck against the Egyptians lately. Also, we can tell that the handball atmosphere in this country in this moment is on highest level, so the expectations of the Egyptians for the African championship are high also. The national team currently plays some preparation games against European national teams as Estonia and Netherlands, and they will participate in the Golden League Tour in France against the home side, Denmark and Norway which are top teams in the world of handball, so we can tell that Egypt is really aiming for the top.
On the other side, Algerians cannot praise themselves as much as the Egyptians and Tunisians right now. They finished fourth in the last African Handball Championship losing to Angola 25:19 in the match for the third place, and they didn’t even participated in the World Handball Championship last year where Tunis and especially Egypt had good results. They also lost against Tunisia at the “four nations” tournament with huge 10 goals difference (32:22). Also I can’t see them playing some serious matches right now or entering in some great form recently, and therefore definitely can’t see them as favorites for this upcoming championship. But you can never tell this kind of things for sure, and that’s what’s beautiful about the sport in general.

Some other teams like Angola can look for their chance from the back, but if you ask me I bet on Egypt here claiming for the trophy for a second time in a row.

As I said before, the beauty of the sport in general is that you cannot predict how the things will take place for sure. But the one thing that we can predict for sure, is the fact that it will be an incredible show, some spectacular games and a lot of goals and I mean amazing ones! So did you fasten your seatbelts?