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Asian Handball Championship Odds

Who wins the Asian Handball Championship 2022?

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The Asian Men's Handball Championship is the biannual handball competition that crowns one team as the champions of Asia, and it also qualifies five top teams for the World Handball Championship 2023. This year’s edition, that is 20th in history, will be held in Dammam, Saudi Arabia from the 18th – 31st of January 2022. It was supposed to be held in Iran, but due to the pandemic situation in Iran it was moved to Saudi Arabia. This competition should be one of the best and most exciting Asian Championships ever due to the ascending trend of the Asian handball in total.

Asia – future superpower of Handball

Handball in Asia has been growing year after year. That fact is mostly due to the immense spending made by the rich countries from Western Asia and Middle East. Combine that with the tradition of playing handball in South Korea or Japan, plus the recent involvement in all sports made by the Chinese government, one could easily say that Asian handball is slowly gaining on other continents. The best example of this growth is Qatar. Qatar is an Arabian Peninsula country very rich in oil. A great deal of that oil money is transferred in marketing the country, and then a great deal of that is investing in sport culture and international sports recognition. Everyone knows that Qatar is the next football World Cup host, but plenty of people are unaware that Qatar was a silver medalist in the 2015 Handball World Championship also held in Qatar, that was the first international medal from an Asian team in the history of men’s handball. Of course, in 2015, those players were mostly not from Qatar. In realty, those were some of the best players in the world that accepted Qatar’s invitation (and a hefty bag of cash) to play for Qatar in that championship. Today, Qatar still has a lot of players born outside of its borders, but there are some of younger Qatar-born and raised players that were influenced by the recent success. The move to invest money in handball paid off, and know they have some home-grown talent ready for the next step.

Who are the favorites?

The proof of that Qatari success is the fact that they are looking to win their fifth Asian Handball Championship in a row in 2022. But it’s not going to be easy. South Korea is most coveted Asian handball superpower with 9 golds and 5 more medals since the Asian Championship inception back in 1977. Qatar winning the gold this year will only equal the record that South Korea holds from 1983 to 1993 with 5 golds in a row. Last year they played Qatar in the final and lost, two years before that they were third. Does that mean that this year is the time they’ll take over the Asian handball once again? It should be noted that last time Qatar lost in the final was in 2012, to South Korea of all teams. The rivalry is looking as hot as ever considering Qatar’s last year redemption of that loss in 2012.

Next in line to beat Qatar is also an ex-superpower – Japan. Last time out they were third, that made them team with the most bronze medals in Asia. That is a curse they are surely trying to break. Maybe this is their year.

Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be discarded as they are the hosts of the competition, they also made two semi-finals in the last three championships. Bahrein is also a team looking to get one over Qatar because they were three-time losers in the finals from 2014 to 2018, all of which to Qatar. Kuwait is another team looking to get back on track of winning ways to become champions once again after 15 long years.