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How Lottoland Differs from Playing the Lottery

It's fair to assume that we've all dreamed about winning the lottery at one time or another. While the odds are undoubtedly stacked against us doing so, there are ways to improve your chances of landing a big jackpot. Basic probability (and common sense) tells us that the more tickets we purchase, the more chance we've got of winning.

However, it's also worth pointing out that much depends on which lottery you decide to play and with more options than ever before, choosing the right one for you can be difficult. Much has been made of Lottoland and their rapid rise to the top of the lottery food chain and with this in mind, below is a quick overview of the company and how playing with them differs from playing the National Lottery.

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Lottoland: The Lowdown

Lottoland is an Irish-based company that it offers residents the chance to bet on a multitude of international lotteries. In essence, you enjoy all of the same benefits as you would when playing any other lottery, but will be able to withdraw funds online at anytime you see fit to do so. Ultimately, Lottoland gives you the chance to play along with the most popular and lucrative lotteries from around the world. Prizes are exactly the same as official lotteries but Lottloland's insurance means that they can pay out additional jackpots to any lucky winners.

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Why Choose Lottoland?

In a nutshell, Lottoland allows users to bet on any number of international lotteries without ever having to purchase a plane ticket. The site is also full of useful information and can provide you with a light-hearted lowdown on the lottery with the best odds of winning. While some lotteries may represent a better chance of landing the jackpot, others may give you a better chance of winning any sort of prize and this information allows you to make a decision on the lottery which best suits your needs. In addition to this, the site gives you a detailed breakdown of all major international lotteries and their respective probabilities.

Lottoland or the Lottery?

In truth, it's difficult to compare Lottoland to other lotteries such as the National Lottery, for example. Lottoland is a collation of the best lotteries around the world and affords users the luxury of being able to bet on whatever lottery they want, whenever they want. With Lottoland, you're not playing on the "official" lottery and are instead simply placing a lotto bet, which avoids any legal complications and allows you for you to bet on the Powerball, Mega Millions or other foreign lottery. No matter what lottery you end up playing, "You have to be in it to win it" certainly rings true but with Lottoland's guidance and help, you can certainly give yourself the best possible chance of success.