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How to win betting on the NFL during the 2019/20 season

The NFL will soon be back on our screens when the new season begins on September 5, so ahead of the first game, we have put together a guide on how to maximize your chances of betting success between the first regular season game and the end of the Super Bowl.

Head over heart

It is one of the most important rules in all of sports betting and certainly one that applies to the NFL. You will never achieve sustained betting success if you factor in emotion, whether betting on a team you like or against a team you dislike.

Of course, a win on your favorite team can feel like extra special, but don’t forget, losing on your favorite team is a double blow. That doesn’t mean ignoring your favorite team entirely but be sure to approach any potential bets with the same impartiality you would use when betting on other teams you have no emotional connection with.

If you find that is difficult to do, then just take your team out of the equation altogether.

Learn the markets

Another general sports betting tip that needs to be mentioned in relation to NFL betting. To have success, you will need to learn about all the markets that could potentially provide some value. You could rely on the big three of win bet, handicap and game totals but sometimes the best NFL bets can be found in additional markets.

By doing your research and understanding all the markets available, you are giving yourself many more options of where to place your bets and as a result, more opportunities to win.

Home or Away

Getting to grips with home and away form can make a huge difference to your betting success this NFL season. It would be easy to simply back the home team each week and hope, over the course of the season, you come out on top. Unfortunately, that is a sure-fire way to have a losing season.

Instead, do plenty of research and take into account the context. Certain teams will have a formidable home record under any circumstances, while others might have a trend of consistently struggling at home against certain teams.

Meanwhile, also take a look at the trends of travelling teams. How far are they travelling and how many time zones are they crossing? What was the team’s schedule prior to the away game? Are they travelling from a warmer climate to a cold one? Are they going from an indoor dome to an outside field?

All of these factors could be decisive in a team’s chances, and thus where you will place your bets. To gain an understanding of these trends, take a look at the team’s past 50 home or away games. There should be enough data in there to give you a solid base from which to make informed betting decisions.

Man on man

American football is undoubtedly a team game, but there are certain matchups that, if you know and can spot, will give you a huge advantage when deciding your NFL bets. For example, there could be a weak cornerback up against a superstar wide receiver which could make the difference to the outcome of the game.

In an instance like this, you may even ignore the win bet entirely and place a wager on the wide receiver scoring a certain number of touchdowns. This should have weigh if you are placing a bet on a potential NFL MVP 2019.

It is not only players. Because of how tactical and strategic the NFL is, take a look at the matchups between coaches. Some coaches will tend to fare better against others. Like working out home or away advantage, this requires some research.

Take context into account

Granted, we have just explained the importance of trends in the above two pieces of betting advice, but you will also need to take context of recent results into account.

Say for example, the Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off an impressive win over the New England Patriots, you may favor them to beat a supposedly weaker team like the Jacksonville Jaguars. But what if the Patriots were missing Tom Brady and a host of other star players against the Steelers? Was the win an accurate reflection of the Steelers or did they take advantage against a depleted Patriots team? Have the Steelers since suffered injuries to their own star players ahead of playing the Jaguars?

By combining this sort of context with longer-term trends, you are setting yourself up for the best possible chances of continued betting success this NFL season.



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