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Laver Cup odds – Get the Best Odds at Laver Cup

Who wins the Laver Cup 2021?

There are no odds currently available

Laver Cup 2020

Boston has been announced as the next location for the Laver Cup 2020. This competition sees Team Europe and Team World go head to head over a three day competition to see who comes out victorious. John McEnroe and Björn Borg have already agreed to reprise their role as team captain in 2020, and McEnroe will be trying hard to impress the home crowd and lift the trophy for Team World.

This will be the fourth instalment of the tournament inspired by the great Rod Laver, and this year was won by the Europeans, Alexander Zverev defeating Milos Raonic in the last match to edge it 13-11. This three-set match was a very good representation of the fierce competition that the Laver Cup is. The competitors are not just playing for pride but also a prize of 250 thousand dollars for the members of the winning team.

The Laver Cup is a unique competition for the moments it offers us away from the court. Federer and Nadal coaching Fabio Fognini was very interesting to see, the dynamics between the doubles partners are always very interesting. A highlight for many was Rafael Nadal laughing very hard on the side of the court because he couldn’t what his partner Stefanos Tsitsipas was trying to convey with his hand gestures.

Despite the Laver Cup being very funny sometimes, it is still taken seriously, and with Team World yet to lift the trophy, McEnroe will be screaming at his players to motivate them. Fritz got a massive result this year, beating Dominic Thiem, and every year, Team World have been edging closer to Team Europe. With Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal getting older every year, will the youngsters Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev be able to stop a push from Team World’s competitors like Nickolas Kyrgios and Felix Auger Alliassime, and will the Boston be the push that John Isner and his teammates need to finally defeat Team Europe?