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Left Party Odds

Left Party (V) - Percentage of votes obtained by the party at the Swedish General Election 2022

over/under 8.5 %

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Vänsterpartiet (v), or the Left party, was formed around 1910 as a breakout party. Their roots are within Socialdemokraterna. Vänsterpartiet experienced an unwillingness amongst Socialdemokraterna to clearly express their views on issues regarding globalisation and relations between certain countries. Their core issues have been democracy, workers movement, socialism and feminism. In recent times their popularity has grown. In 1998 they reached a high point when they received 12% of the votes in the general election. Since they their support has been on the down slide although in the latest polls this seems to have changed.

History of Vänsterpartiet

From their earlier days as a breakout party they have grown into their role. Initially the party was closely associated with communism but towards the end of the 70's those who supported communistic ideas had found other smaller groups to associate with. Vänsterpartiet began focusing on core issues such as environment, care of the elderly, health care, education and employment. For a long time they were a support party for the Socialdemokraterna but during the 21th century they began focusing on themselves. They have had several hugely popular party leaders and the parties success seems to be closely associated with them.

The current Vänsterpartiet

Criticism has been raised against Vänsterpartiet for being more ideological than practical. To see if this is true, we need to look at their party program. They are currently focusing on certain central issues such as social, feminist and ecological values. Through workers unions the want to realize solidarity, equality and democracy. A society without oppression and sustainability for future generation is seen as the most important goal. Classes are to be removed in order to achieve equality in the production. For this to be realized, they are of the opinion that differences between men and women has to be minimized. If problems with pollution aren't solved, future generation will not be able to benefit.

Considering this, it's hard to feel that Vänsterpartiet is not focusing broadly. Even though one comes to this conclusion, one can not ignore the fact that people in general are reacting positively. In current polls they are reaching 8% voter support which is a dramatic increase from their numbers in the general election.

Vänsterpartiets future

It's hard to say anything about Vänsterpartiet since their support shifts rapidly. In history, their support has been jumping between anything from 3,5% (1940) to 10,3% (1944). This pattern has been repeating itself throughout history making it hard to predict their numbers. They have a history of being a support party for Socialdemokraterna. Thus making it hard to guess if decreased support for Socialdemokraterna carries over to Vänsterpartiet. Perhaps Vänsterpartiet is more dependent on Socialdemokraterna than they care to admit.