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More Finns turn to Zimpler for smooth payments

Swedish fintech giant Zimpler launched its services in 2012 and has since seen a steady increase in the amount of users that choose them over similar services. While originally focusing exclusively on the Swedish market, they’ve now expanded their horizons and have an appreciated presence on the Finnish and German markets.

The growth has been especially great in Finland where more and more users are using Zimpler as a way to minimize banking fees while making sure to maintain complete bank coverage. Its popularity is most apparent in the casino and gambling industry, where Zimpler has become synonymous with transparency, security and anonymity.

Casino industry is pushing alternative banking

In recent times, the demand for quick and easy digital payments have been extremely great. The Scandinavian countries, with almost universal Internet coverage and a highly technical population, have been at the forefront of both financial technology (fintech) and green finance. Interestingly enough, the gambling sector has been an integral part of this development.

Among gamblers, there is a great demand for banking services that go beyond what traditional financial institutions have been providing. The reasons are of course varied but since the casino business is very fast moving, and with a great need for easy transactions, there will naturally be a need for financial solutions that aren’t restricted by factors such as banking hours and large fees.

Just as Internet based gambling operators have been expanding at a steady rate in the Nordic countries due to growing demands for practical on-line betting, fintech banking services such as Zimpler have been seeing a similarly steady increase in a corresponding demand for equally practical services for financial transactions. This has created synergistic effects where both industries push each other to perform even beyond expectations.

Faster and more reliable transactions

In may ways, Zimpler has been leading the way among Scandinavia based fintech services. By providing its users with much greater control over money transactions they have become a top choice among Finish users. But what makes the different? They have taken an approach that makes sure to maintain total compatibility with traditional banking, while focusing on a much more anonymous and smooth end user experience.

This means that with Zimpler, Finish users are able to make payments and withdraw money much quicker than with a regular bank account while also being able interact with traditional banking institutions. With Zimpler, users can also utilize smart budgeting services that makes it easy to control spending making sure not overstretch ones personal budget. This means that Zimplers provides a much better overall control when it comes to being in charges of personal finance. By enabling end users to get a quick overview and greater amount of anonymity while also avoiding large fees, they have naturally become a top choice for all on-line transactions. As a true success story, Zimplers continued growth in Finland is forging the way for more affordable transactions and a simpler way to send and receive money.

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