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Natalia Breviglieri’s Effective Tips on How You Can Win and Be Successful in Satellites

You must believe in strict bankroll management. On the occasional shot, it is also good to take the bigger buy-ins. However, why do you need to use a large chunk of your bankroll to do this when many satellites are available? 

The benefit of satellites is that they can provide any gamer with a chance to join in a tournament which they cannot afford to directly buy. You can try the satellite into any big buy-ins that you play, both online and live. Do this not just because they are cheap. But also they tend to have good value with various MTT players that haven’t mastered well the technique of playing satellites. 

Meanwhile, here are the tips from Natalia Breviglieri or also known as N4talB for poker players who want to upgrade their satellite game to the next level. 

Don’t treat it Like Ordinary Tournaments 

You have a simple objective and that it to last longer so you can win a seat. You don’t have to win every single chip so you can win the tournament. You will be considered as an equal winner like in agen sbobet, whether you finish with the least or most chip in the tournament. 

Playing High Variance Can Be Dangerous 

As the bubble looms and you find yourself with a big stack, avoid getting involved in many pots. Indeed, it is good to be aggressive. However, you must not undo all the hard work you have made in just a coin flip. 

In this game, the important thing is to survive. Try to check if you have enough chips to make you win a seat. You may realize that you already have enough chips and you don’t need to play another hand. 

Are you thinking of calling big with all the aces? Remember, satellites are a different game of their own. Big shoves with positive expected value in regular MTTs are not worth taking in satellites at some time. In positive expected value, part of the expectation is whenever you are in all-in. However, all-ins is not a good spot that you want to be in when you have enough chips to have a seat. 

Focus Especially When the Bubble is coming 

Deep in the satellite, you will notice that there are lots of players in unfamiliar territory. They will be making various mistakes. Focus on how many players are left in the game like in agen sbobet. Determine when the blinds will increase and how the stacks are now doing. If you are in a short stack, make sure to slow down. Before considering any decision, make sure to use your time bank. You don’t have to encourage the blinds to come around quicker. Moreover, this will allow other players to bust potentially and be closer to the seat. If you haven’t experienced ICM, then it is best to spend some time conducting some research since this knowledge will improve your game. As you understand how everything works, you can now use it to your advantage and win the game. 

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