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Newcastle next manager odds

Newcastle next permanent manager odds

Newcastle next manager odds

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Newcastle next manager Betting odds

Rafa Benitez became Newcastle United manager in the 2015/16 season. The club started the season poorly as they didn't win a single match in their first eight games and they continued to perform woefully until the end of the season. Steve McClaren was the previous Newcastle boss until March 11th when the club struggled to maintain a position above the relegation zone. They enjoyed a winning streak of undefeated 5 matches towards the end of the season, however, the Spanish manager Rafa Benitez couldn't save the team from relegating as they suffered two points below the 16th placed Sunderland.

Benitez manages to excel in the championship as he finishes top of the table with some outstanding performance from the Newcastle team. The Spanish boss priority was to qualify Newcastle United back to the Premier League which he successfully did, however, there is no guarantee that he will remain in the club if a bigger team needs his service. Newcastle might try to hold back Benitez but they should be more concerned about a better replacement to achieve bigger things.

Newcastle will need a manager that shares their ambitions as they fight their way back to the top. Sam Allardyce is a top choice even though Newcastle requires stability after their unstable years. Sam Allardyce is not a manager that sticks around for a long time as this can be seen from his experience after leaving Bolton in 2007.

Newcastle could opt in for their former boss Alan Pardrew as his Crystal Palace tenure is on the rocks. Alan Pardrew stabilized the club and secured a top flight for the team after they got promoted in the 2009/10 session. He could be hired to perform the same task again. The fans were unhappy about his results and this piloted his previous exit from the club. Hiring Pardrew again might not go well with the club fans.

Roy Hodgson is another favorable option as the former England boss sees his tenure coming to an end this summer. England suffered a defeat to Iceland in the European Championship and this might lead to the tenure of the highly experienced coach. His premier league victory in West Brom and Fulham cannot be over emphasized. His competency has been proven and he would make a perfect fit for the Newcastle team that is trying to rise again.

Frank de Boar is another choice for Newcastle as the former Ajax boss will be a favorite replacement if the club can meet his term and convince him to join them. De Boar was previously sacked by the Italian giant Inter Milan and he will be looking forward to building his managerial reputation as fast as possible. The developing manager might be faced with the challenge of Newcastle team inconsistency and he might not be happy to further risk his reputation.

Newcastle is fond of changing managers with a lot of experienced managers passing in and out of the Newcastle exit door. Rafa Benitez is expected to remain the club's manager for a long time as he facilitated the club's return back to the Premier league.


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