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Newcastle next manager odds

Newcastle next permanent manager odds

Newcastle next manager after Eddie Howe

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Eddie Howe, Newcastle manager

                      The English expert who made spectacular results with Bournemouth and introduced him from the lowest rank to the Premier League, signed a contract until 2024 with the Magpies.

                      Howe earned his football name in every sense at Bournemouth. He first played there from 1994 to 2002, then from 2004 to 2007, and then he made a spectacular feat on the bench of the first team, leading the team from the fourth league to the Premier League.

                      The successor to Steve Bruce, who left the Magpies' bench on October 20, has been out of work since August last year, when he left Bournemouth after the club dropped out of the Premier League.

                      Newcastle plan to spend just under £ 300 million on new players before next season, but until recently it was a big enigma where they will compete next season; in the Championship or Premiership. It’s not impossible for him to drop out of the league again this season, but under Howe the team is playing differently and they will for sure be in the Premier League next season. Also, the new management believes Howe is the man who will save the team from relegation and lay the groundwork for creating a great team.

                      Eddie Howe led Bournemouth and one Burnley for 11 seasons in his career, but with Bournemouth he made the biggest results of his career. The club, for which he played 253 games in a shortened playing career, took over in January 2009 and saved him from relegation from League Two (fourth division) despite deducting 17 points at the start of the season. Already the following season Howe took Bournemouth to League One and then went to Burnley in January 2011. After just one season he returned to Bournemouth for “personal reasons” and continued where he left off. Bournemouth secured a place in the Championship, and after a solid season in the second league, in April 2015, he secured entry into the Premiership, and in the last round he also won the Championship title.

                      Although he had a significantly smaller budget than the competition, Howe secured a stay in the first season and won a fantastic ninth place in the second. Bournemouth was in the first division until 2020, when it was relegated to the Championship as the 18th. Howe terminated his contract with his club at the end of that season, and in May of this season he turned down Celtic's offer.

                      But Howe finds himself in a completely new environment in Newcastle. He has a huge budget at his disposal and it remains to be seen whether he knows how to use it, given that this expert's football knowledge has never been questionable. If he has enough confidence and time to put his ideas into action, he could prove to be a very good move by Newcastle.

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