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Odds comparison next Liverpool manager

Odds comparison next Liverpool manager

Odds comparison next Liverpool manager

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Well here’s something you don’t need to worry about right now, but just to get it out there, we all know Jürgen will leave at some point. Although things are pretty much perfect after that win over Chelsea, we would still like to tease our thoughts over the next potential Liverpool Manager. With everything going on at Liverpool recently, a lot of people have had their say about Liverpool. One who has been following the situation a bit too vocally is Jamie Carragher. Carragher was updating his facebook status like crazy last night when Liverpool played Chelsea and that got us thinking. Everone knows he is a legend at Liverpool and deserves to be, but looks like Jamie would like everybody to notice that he is following Liverpool very intently and if there’s something in the future, well you know good old Jamie would be right around the block. We know it’s a bit pushing it over the edge, but hey do you ever really know about football these days. Who would have thought at the start of the season that Mourinho would be facing the axe! We were all expecting Chelsea to be on top again!

There’s another legend everybody knows about at the Merseyside, the brilliant Steven Gerrard. What a character he is for Liverpool and probably one of the most influential players in the club’s history. Although bringing old legends to the managerial seat rarely works out, Liverpool have a daring history with examples like Dalglish still fresh. And who knows, maybe one day when Klopp eventually leaves, Gerrard might be walking out of the curtains!

Before we wrap up the discussion, we need to acknowledge the fact that there are many potential suitors other than these Liverpool FC legends. Managers like Ancelotti can at any moment surprise everyone and according to Redknapp, Liverpool’s first choice was in fact Ancelotti. We are not saying Redknapp is right, but we aren’t suggesting he is wrong either. I think at this point it would be a lot of fun to guess who might replace Klopp when the time comes, and hey if it’s fun to talk about, it’s even more fun to bet on!


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