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Men's tennis Olympics odds

Who wins Men's singles tennis at the Olympics 2021?

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Olympic Men's 2020 Singles Outright

Less than a year is left before the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The opening ceremony will take place on July 24, and the Games will end on August 9. Tennis competitions will be held from July 25 to August 2. Medals, as in 2016, will be played in five categories: male and female singles, male and female doubles and mixed doubles.

Will Federer be allowed despite ignoring the Davis Cup?

Apparently, this is how Roger Federer gets to the Olympics , who in the current cycle has never played for the national team in the Davis Cup.

 “We have specific rules for admission to the Olympics. This tournament is different from other competitions. The qualification tournament for the Olympic Games is the Davis Cup. For example, if Kei Nishikori plays in the first round, he will be eligible to speak at the Games. Switzerland may apply Federer to the Olympics according to a special criterion: he has an Olympic medal, ”said David Haggerty, President of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). True, the rules on the ITF website clarify that we need a gold medal in singles, and Roger does not have one. So, in all likelihood, Federer is passing by the criteria of the Grand Slam champion, and Haggerty made a slight inaccuracy. Recall that Roger is the Olympic champion in the 2008 Games in doubles and the silver medalist of the 2012 Olympics in singles.

Djokovic and Nadal pass, but Murray and Nishikori have problems

Let's look at the situation with other famous tennis players and tennis players who can speak at the Olympics. Novak Djokovic played twice for the Serbian national team in 2017 and, despite the initial rejection of the new Davis Cup format, agreed to play in Madrid. This will allow him to fulfill the relevant criteria and get to Tokyo. The same goes for Rafael Nadal who was part of the team in 2018. Kei Nishikori played only once for the national team in this cycle, in the playoffs in 2016, and now he will definitely not be able to make it to the finals due to the operation. True, theoretically, we can refer to the fact that Kay did not refuse to play, but an objective reason interfered. In addition, they can simply provide him with a wild card as a player in the host country, especially if none of the Japanese will be selected directly by their rating.

After the 2016 Olympics, Andy Murray also played in the Davis Cup only. But he, unlike Kay, still has the opportunity to take part in the final part of the competition this season and fulfill the criterion. True, the Briton also needs to have time to pull up his raking, because at the moment he is in the second hundred and does not get to the Olympics for this reason. By the way, Murray is the only tennis player to have won two gold medals in singles.

Juan Martin del Potro, who lost the final of the 2016 Olympics to him,  definitely needs to take part in the Davis Cup at the beginning of next season, otherwise there will be no opportunity to get to the Games. By the way, the Argentine has not only silver since 2016, but also bronze from 2012. And, for example, Dominic Tim has already said that he does not plan to go to Tokyo, although he just regularly takes part in the Davis Cup matches.

Nevertheless, the competition in Tokyo will be huge!