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Online Gaming Trends to Watch Out For

Gaming has become one of the most popular hobbies among millions of young people across the world. It is a massive industry with estimates showing it could be worth about $90 billion USD by 2020. The industry is also growing at a fast rate and witnessing notable shifts in trends recently. With big gaming studios trying to incorporate technologies like artificial intelligence, alternate reality, augmented reality, cloud gaming and more, and companies developing more powerful high-tech gaming engines, the gaming industry will certainly continue to witness plenty of interesting developments. Here are 4 gaming trends to watch out for in 2020 and beyond.

Virtual Reality

In a gaming world where gamers were always engrossed on their screens, virtual reality (VR) gaming came as a real game-changer. Although VR did not meet the expectations of gaming fans when it was first released, it is now ushering in some interesting developments in the gaming world. That is due to the fact that many gaming companies and equipment developers are focusing on developing VR games and gear.

Companies like have a mobile app that enables gamers to experience any existing non-VR PC games in virtual reality. The company is using GPU image retargeting along with advanced tech to change PC games without VR capabilities into VR-compatible gaming content. These developments will certainly make VR – gaming more mainstream.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud computing is a field that is rapidly developing and gaining new applications in the tech world. Large game engines have made it a lot simpler for game developers to edit. Additionally, users don’t have to install and run updates on a regular basis in a cloud ecosystem. This makes cloud gaming quite attractive as it permits better platform for social media gaming and collaborative gaming. Cloud-gaming generally provides a better platform for multi-player games and this factor makes it more popular and attractive to gaming enthusiasts.

Augmented Reality

Another trend that is set to become more popular going forward is augmented reality gaming (AR-gaming). Unlike VR gaming that requires a restricted area to produce an immersive environment, AR gaming creates an immersive environment within the gamer’s existing environment. The business potential as well as the exciting new technology will continue to gain more focus among game developers as they experiment with VR game applications.

Mobile Games

Mobile games are projected to become increasingly popular in 2020 and beyond. Analysts forecast that companies will release more games on mobile platforms and make more efforts to develop mobile games that offer an engaging gaming experience. The reason is simply that more people are now using their phones to do everything from shopping to socializing and having fun. Many companies have already realized this and have introduced mobile apps for people to download.

In summary, there have been plenty of amazing developments in gaming technologies over the years and as technology continues to advance at a fast rate so are gaming technologies.  Some of the trends that are really revolutionizing the gaming industry include VR, AR, cloud gaming, and mobile gaming.