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Ekstraklasa odds – Get the Best Odds at Ekstraklasa

Polish football league Odds

Who wins Ekstraklasa 2020/2021?

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Ekstraklasa 2020/2021

The Ekstraklasa is the top polish professional league for men’s football teams in Poland. It is sponsored by PKO (PowszechnaKasaOszczędności) Bank Polski since the 2019/20 season which gave it the new name PKO EKSTRAKLASA. The 2020/2021 PKO Ekstraklasa will be the 95th edition of the official Polish men's football championship , for the 87th time held in the league formula , as the highest level in the hierarchy .

The tournament will be organized by Ekstraklasa SA, and teams from 16 professional football clubs will take part in them. The league will start on August 22, 2020 and end on May 16, 2021 and the current defending champion is Legia Warszawa.

Due to the tight football calendar caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, after seven years, the ESA-37 format was abandoned (division of games after the main round into two groups, playing for the championship and maintenance, respectively) and the previous shape of the 30 rounds of eight matches each (240 games in total).

At the end of the season, only one team will be relegated to the 1st league , as Ekstraklasa will be enlarged from 16 to 18 teams (the rules of promotion from the 1st league remain unchanged - the first two teams directly, and the third one will be played by the play-offs between teams from places 3-6)

The teams that got promoted from 2019–20 season of I liga are:   

  • Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała
  • Stal Mielec
  • Warta Poznań

While the following teams got relegated from 2019–20 Ekstraklasa season:

  • Korona Kielce
  • Arka Gdynia
  • ŁKS Łódź


There have been a ton of protests concerning the failure of ekstraklasa clubs in the european foootball. The media and the fans have been demanding more from the clubs in terms of european success but sports development in Poland has always followed a particular trend.

From 1990 till now, all clubs have had to endure the suffering of holding out the hope of getting into the European football. Take for instance, it took Red Star Belgrade a very long time to play in the Champions League after having won the league before. This makes one wonders when you think about the well-endowed facilities of these football clubs.

There are pockets of reasons for this failure and some of them are listed below:

  1. The polish football league isn’t as successful as their counterparts in England, Spain, Germany and Italy. Hence, it’s difficult attracting top talents to the league.
  2. People in controlling the affairs of the league are less-experienced in terms of European football.
  3. Lack of generational change on the coaching side.

And the good news is,

The Ekstaklasa S.A. 2020/2021 season will commence on the 21st of August, 2020. With this viral pandemic, the season will be shortened into just 30 match days without a split into Championship and Relegation groups unlike before.

And hopefully, the season will end on 16th of May, the coming year (2021). In furtherance to this as well, the number of substitutions will also increase from the usual three to five.