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Romanian Cup Odds

Romanian Cup

Who wins the Romanian Cup 2017/2018?

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Romanian Cup is the second most important tournament of Romania’s football. It involves all the teams of the country in a league which is played from early September till the month of May of the next year. Usually, the number of teams that are fighting for the title is around 200 (204 in 2016). The tournament starts with a stage called “Regional Stage” from witch each of the 42 segments of Romania’s territorial distribution selects one team that advance to the “National Stage”, those 42 teams joining the 74 teams that were completing in the 3rd League of Romania’s football in the previous season. The winning 58 teams that advance to the 2nd round of the National Stage are put together with the 38 teams that are in the 3rd League of the current season. For advancing to the 4th round, a team has to win against 2 different teams, which means that from 96 teams, the number of teams is reduced to 24. This is the stage in which the teams from 2nd League join Romanian Cup, these playing again 2 preliminary rounds before the teams from Romania’s Liga 1 start the competition.

FC Steaua Bucharest, not known as FCSB due to some problems between the owner of the team and the CSA (Army’s Sport Club) had won this competition 23 times, being the most crowned team of the competition. The last time Steaua won the cup was in 2014-15 season. FC Dinamo and FC Rapid, which used to be Steaua’s biggest rivals in the past, are tied in the 2nd place with 13 cups each.

Last season, Romanian Cup was miraculously won by FC Voluntari, a brand new team in Romania’s football that was founded in 2010. Voluntari was not even a force in the 2016-17 season of Liga 1, placing in the second half of the ranking and having to place the play-out to keep themselves in the main championship of Romania. Voluntari won at penalties against Astra Giurgiu.

Favorites for the 2017-18 season are hard to mention. This fact is due to the quite insignificant prize of this competition (the chance of playing the 2nd qualification round of the UEFA Europe League). This being mentioned, it is expected that the main contenders for the title: FCSB, Astra Giurgiu, Dinamo and FC Viitorul Constanta will keep an eye on this competition, but it will not represent their main focus in the season. Three of the mentioned teams will also have to play in the Champions League and the Europe League in the season, which means that Romanian Cup is their 3rd most important competition.  Even so, this competition remains important for the fans of the top teams and their desire of winning trophies will definitely empower their favorites in order to do as well as possible. An unexpected winner, just as happened in the season before, is also a possibility.