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Scottish League Cup odds

Scottish League Cup

Who wins the Scottish League Cup 2021/2022?

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Scottish League Cup

Scottish League Cup is a football club competition in Scotland organized by the "Scottish Professional Football League". The competition was first organized in the 1946/47 season, as a successor to the "Southern League Cup", one of the Scottish professional cups that were featured during the Second World War. The competition was organized by the "Scottish Football League" for the members of its professional leagues. The competition system has been changed during the years. For the first decades, the first part of the competition was played mostly in groups that were sometimes regionally organized, or there were teams from the same league in the groups. Since the mid-1980s, they played a cup system. The final game is mostly played in Glasgow, at Hampden Park. By 1981, if the match ended in a tie, a new match was played. In several cases the competition was played in the first part of the season. Since 1979, the competition is named after the sponsor, with a few exceptions. Until the 1995/96 season League Cup winners had the right to participate in the UEFA Cup. In the 1998/99 season, "Premier Division" is organizationally separated from SFL and a new organization is formed - "Scottish Premier League", but its clubs continue to play in the League cup. Since 2013, "Scottish Football League" and "Scottish Premier League" are merging into the new organization - "Scottish Professional Football League" (SPFL), which has since then organized a League-cup competition.

From the season 2016/17 the competition was organized into groups. All SPFL clubs ("Scottish Premiership", "Scottish Championship", "Scottish League One" and "Scottish League Two") participate in the competition. In the group stage there are 40 clubs (eight groups of 5 clubs), but the clubs that in that season appear in the Champions League and the European League qualifications don’t participate, instead they are directly placed in the second round of 16 teams, together with the winners of the groups and the best second-placed teams. To complete the number of 40 teams in the group stage, the remaining participants are the best teams of "Highland Football League and" Lowland Football League ". From season 2018/19 in the group stage, a new rule was introduced that in the case of draw, the winner would be decided on the penalties. Therefore the winning team receives three points, and if the result is undecided, the winning team after the penalties receives two points, and the one that loses after the penalties one point.