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Spanish handball league odds

Spanish handball league odds

Who wins Spanish handball league 2018?

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Spain is the second place in the EHF ranking and will be the only country next to Germany that will be guaranteed two places for the next edition of the EHF Champions League. The top two finishers of the ASOBAL 2017/2018 League will have their direct qualification for the maximum continental competition at the club level without the need of the League runner requesting an invitation to the European Federation. In addition to having two places for the Champions, Spain will maintain the possibility of having three representatives in the EHF Cup 2018/2019

The Association of Spanish Handball Clubs and SELECT have signed a new agreement that will join the path of both entities in the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 championships. The Danish brand will again be the official ball supplier of the Liga ASOBAL, the Super Cup, the ASOBAL Cup and the Copa del Rey with the Ultimate model. ASOBAL was pleased to announce the renewal, for two more years, of the collaboration agreement with the world's largest supplier of handballs with an annual output of more than 3 million units exported to more than 50 countries. 

The President of Lotteries and Betting of the State, Inmaculada García, the Vice President of ASOBAL, Francisco Pérez and the President of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation, Francisco V. Blázquez, made the drawing of the calendar of the Liga ASOBAL 2017-2018. The event was also attended by players including Víctor Vigo of the Quabit Guadalajara club and Novica Rudovic of the Ángel Ximénez-Avia’s Puente Genil club. 

For the first time the draw of the calendar of the season has been decided in the stage of luck. The drums have determined the days that the 16 participating clubs of the competition meet each other, that will face from the 9 of September until 19 of May of 2018. 

Liga Loterias ASOBAL will celebrate a total of 240 matches that will face the 16 teams throughout the Spanish geography. A competition that ranks among the best European handball leagues and that, once again, will give a magnificent sporting event.

The thirty-second edition of this tournament will kick off with the duel between the champion of the last season, Barcelona Lassa, and the runner-up of the Copa del Rey, Naturhouse La Rioja. The clash will be played over the weekend of 2-3 September.

Barcelona Lassa looks to be the main contender for the trophy at the start of championship. Winning last season at a difference of 9 points with 30 victories in 30 matches, the team coached by Xavier Pascual doesn’t know the taste of losing. Wael Jallouz and FC. Barcelona Lassa have reached an agreement to renew the contract of the Tunisian until the 2020/2021 season. The left-back had a contract until 2017/2018 and the club has decided to have its services in the Catalan first line for four more campaigns.

ABANCA Ademar Leon have as priority to find in the market a pivot that shared protagonism with Pineiro and Carou, reinforced the center of the defense and was resolutive in attack. Zivan Pesic is the chosen one. The ademarista club has presented to its first and only signing, to date, for a demanding season 2017/2018 in which the team directed by Rafa Guijosa will have two fronts open: Liga ASOBAL and EHF Champions League.