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Spanish handball league odds

Spanish handball league odds

Who wins Spanish handball league 2019?

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Liga Asobal is the premier professional handball league in Spain. It was founded in 1958 with the name of División de Honor, changing its name to the current name in 1990. The Liga ASOBAL, which is played under EHF rules, currently consists of 16 teams, including famous ones like FC Barcelona, Ademar León, Bidasoa, BM Aragón, Granollers and Valladolid.

Spain rises to the second position in the EHF ranking and will be the only country, along with Germany, which will be guaranteed two places for the next edition of the EHF Champions League. The first two classified teams of the ASOBAL League 2018/2019 will be awarded their direct qualification for the maximum continental competition at the club level without the need for the runner-up of the League to request an invitation to the European Federation. In addition to having two seats for the Champions, Spain will maintain the possibility of having three representatives in the EHF Cup 2018/2019.

Valladolid coach Isidoro Martinez, who will soon be a decade working with the base in the Spanish Handball Federation, is clear, despite his two consecutive successes with the generation of Dani Dujhebaev, Chema Márquez, Xoan Ledo or Kauldi Odriozola, who " you never get tired of winning, "he says in an interview with Efe.

With just turned 46 , José Javier Hombrados will continue one more active season after announcing the Quabit Guadalajara its renewal until June 2019. In this way, the player with the most seasons in the Asobal (26) and with the modt matches in the highest competition (about 700), will increase records difficult to reach for some time.

But the figure of the goalkeeper of the alcarreño group and also president of the Madrilenian Federation , goes beyond a few simple numbers. And it is that Hombrados is one of the pillars of Guadalajara since its arrival in summer 2015 , as shown by its numbers under three clubs, consolidating as the best goalkeeper of the Asobal League with spectacular statistics (32.04% of stops) .

His superb performance in the goal has been one of the secrets in the historic season of the team led by César Montes, debuting for the first time in the Asobal Cup and qualified for the final phase of the Copa del Rey , competition that will play in its' home 'sharing work as a player and as the leader of Madrid handball. "Guadalajara is my home and the land of my family, and being a protagonist here is a plus of motivation, not only I want to maintain the level of this year, but I want to improve," he told a press conference.

The Condes de Albarei Teucro announced the extension of the pivot Samu Gómez, who will continue linked to the Galician set until June 2019, reports the entity chaired by Carlos García Alén through a press release .

The Andalusian player signed for the Pontevedra team last December to replace the Italian Giuseppe Colassuonno, and since then he has scored 31 goals in 17 games.