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Switzerland World Cup

Switzerland World Cup

Switzerland World Cup 2018: Stage of Elimination

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Switzerland Top Team Goalscorer

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

For Switzerland, this World cup will be the 11th in Russia, and the biggest success is the quarter-finals on three occasions, although last time in 1954. The first World Championship on which Switzerland participated was in 1934 in Italy. At that time, they defeated the Netherlands with 3: 2 in first knokcout phase, but they were defeated by Czechoslovakia with the same rezult in the quarterfinal. And four years later in France they reached the quarter-finals. But n the quarter-finals they did not have a chance against the Hungarians, who won the match routinely with 2: 0. They also participates in World cup in 1950 in Brazil. Four years later, Switzerland hosted World cup 1954. After the missed Mundial in Sweden, Switzerland qualified for the World Cup in Chile in 1962. And four years later, they participated in the World cup in England. They had to wait for 28 years to attend the upcoming World Cup. They made up for Mundial in USA in 1994. They missed the next two Mundials and participated in 2006 in Germany in Group G with France, Togo and South Korea. They played excellently the group stage and took first place with seven points and without a goal received. Although they did not receive a goal in the eighth finals, they lose as well after the penalties from Ukraine. It is interesting that in the penal series, they missed all three penalties - Streller, Barnet, Kabanjas. In South Africa, four years later, they were in group H with Spain, Chile and Honduras, and they failed to move on. They had four points, and the Spaniards and Chileans had six. They did not allow them to repeat the same scenario in group E in Brazir with France, Ecuador and Honduras, and after the victory over Ecuador at the start of 2: 1 (Mehmedi, Seferović), they made a defeat by French 5: 2 (there was 5: 0, but Suzimaili and Dzaka relieved defeat in the last 10 minutes). In the last round, the victory led them further, and again the rival was Honduras. Now it was 3: 0 for Switzerland with hettrik by Xherdan Shaqiri. In the knockout phase, they had great resistance, but after the breaks they had to congratulate the rival - Angel Di Maria scored a decisive goal in the 118th minute for Argentina.In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo and the club, rivals in the qualifications were Hungary, Faroe Islands, Latvia and Andorra. In the end, 27 points were earned, as was the first-ranked Portugal, with a nine-wins win and a defeat, with a goal difference of 23: 7. The national team, led by the expert Vladimir Petkovic, won the top 27 points in the first nine rounds, but the failure in Lisbon meant that the Swiss would have to be in the barrage as the best second-placed selection of European qualifications. Ricardo Rodriguez scored the only goal in those 180 minutes against North Ireland and that was in Belfast from the penalty area. In the revue in Basel there were no hits, so Switzerland still celebrated the placement on Mundial, their fourth consecutive, and a total of 11 in history. The best second-placed selection of European qualifications is mostly composed of players who appear in the German Bundesliga. Captain Stefan Liechtsteiner, a member of the Italian champions of Juventus, is the first star of the team and the player who scored the most appearances in the national jersey from active players. With 96 games in the national football coat, he currently holds the fourth position. In addition to Liechtsteiner, Valon Behrami (Udinese), Xherdan Shaqiri (Stouk), Granit Xhaka (Arsenal), Blerim Dzemaili (Montreal Impakt) and Rodriguez (Milan) and Seferović (Benfika) are the most outstanding names of Switzerland. Petkovic, who took the national team from Otmara Hicfild after finishing the World Cup in Brazil three years ago, is on the bench of Swiss selection.


Brazil v Switzerland

Brazil 1.33

Draw 5.00

Switzerland 9.00


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