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Fed Cup odds – Get the Best Odds at Fed Cup

Who wins the Fed Cup 2020?

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Fed Cup 2020

Fed Cup 2020 will be the 58th edition in the history of the sport. It’s the biggest prize in the women’s team event.


The format for this edition has been changed. The ITF is making Fed Cup even bigger, better and bolder. The new format will mean that 20 nations, rather than eight, have the opportunity each season to be crowned world champions. This time the World Group will be taking place at one location in a single week. Twelve teams will be taking part in the World Group event. The teams are divided into four groups of three teams. The teams will play two singles matches & one doubles match against each other in round robin format with the winner of each group will advance to the semi-finals of the event. The event is being named the Fed Cup Finals.

The new format has given the chance to 20 nations (a rise from 8 nations previously) to become the World Champions. The twelve nations, playing the finals, will compete for a total prize money of $18 Million.


Budapest Sports Arena in Budapest, Hungary April is being named the venue for the Fed Cup Finals. The Finals will be played from 14th to 19th April on Clay Courts.


There are twelve participating teams in the event:

  • Two finalists from the previous edition (France & Australia)
  • One host nation (Hungary)
  • One wild card (Czech Republic)
  • Eight winners of qualifier round from sixteen teams, which will be held on 7th – 8th February 2020

The draw is as follows,

  1. USA vs Latvia
  2. Netherlands vs Belarus
  3. Romania vs Russia
  4. Brazil vs Germany
  5. Spain vs Japan
  6. Switzerland vs Canada
  7. Belgium vs Kazakhstan
  8. Slovakia vs Great Britain