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The Voice: Season 17 odds


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Season 17 of the voice is slated to air on September 23, 2019. The show began 8 years ago and quickly became one of America's favorite reality shows, where contestants competed to win this singing competition in the hopes of making it big in the music industry.

The format of the show was pretty unique for it's time since the 4 coaches were to choose their team of talented singers, not by looks, but by voice alone. They then would coach the members of their team through the competition losing team members throughout the different rounds until just one winner emerges at the end.

Not only does the winner of the competition get the respect of beating out all of the other competitors, but the coaches also receive accolades for successfully coaching the winner. The competition between the coaches to choose the right singers and be the best coach is as fierce as the actual competition between contestants and season 17 promises to be no different despite the loss of original coach Adam Levine who ended his coaching on the voice in May during season 16.

Blake Sheldon Last Man Standing

With Adam Levine's departure that Blake Sheldon the only original coach remaining going into season 17. The other two original coaches Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguilera left several seasons ago. Although all of the Coaches joining Sheldon for season 17 have been judges on the show before. John Legend who won season 16 will be back for his second season, and Kelly Clarkson, who has had 2 prior wins will be back for her 4ths season. The Judge taking Levine's spot will be Blake Sheldon's current girlfriend Gwen Stafani, who will be back for 4th season, (her last season was season 12). Carson Daly the original host of the show will be returning for his 17th season as well.

The Great Unknown

Whether or not the absence of Adam Levine will have any effect on the shows ratings remains to be seen. However, audiences are bound to miss the banter between Levine and Sheldon that helped make the show so much fun to watch.

Audiences may however, enjoy seeing Sheldon and Stefani's love affair play out in competition now that the couple has been together a number of years. And of course everyone will be rooting for their favorite coach with audiences waiting to see which contestant and coach will be crowned this year winner!

With the replacement of the knockout rounds for the Live Cross Battles last season, audiences will also be left what changes they might see this upcoming season.

However, one thing everyone can be sure of is that the number of talented contestants will only continue to inspire fans while providing them with some pretty good music well worth listening too.

So go ahead and set your calendars for Sept. 23 and the Premier of season 17 of the The Voice!



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