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Top professional athletes

For many of us, sport is a way to relax or a simple hobby to keep fit. In most cases, we do not give a major interest, because we already have a job on which we focus all our attention. But for performance athletes, that sport is their job and their source of income. Not only that but for those who reach the top of every sport, their careers are already assured.

Just as everyone else needs to do a good job at work and get good performance, the same thing happens with athletes. In this article, you will find the latest names in sports, the best athletes. They have been noticed in the last period and deserve to be followed for their professional career.

Zach Wilson

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One of the athletes you will find in this ranking is Zach Wilson. Born in 1999, Zachary Kanopo Wilson is a young American football athlete, ready to show off his skills on the field. He is currently playing for the New York Jets, in the National Football League, being selected in the team since college. There, he played for Brigham Young University, proving his qualification and winning the MVP bowl game title twice. Thus, he reached the NFL Draft in second place in 2021.

Mekhi Becton

Another young and potential professional athlete who deserves to be followed is Mekhi Becton. This young man born in 1999 is also in the New York Jets team, but on the offensive tackle position, for the Jets in the National Football League.

Right from college, he tried to stand out and succeeded, becoming an important member of the University of Louisville football team. Even though he is now suffering from an injury and cannot recover quickly due to his massive body, he is still active. Remaining even a New York Jets player in these conditions, he is an important member who is looking forward to his return to the field.

Quinnen Williams

Another top New York Jets player is Quinnen Williams, born in 1997 as a defensive tackle. From the beginning of his career in the world of American football, Quinnen has proven that he has a strong character. He first started playing at the University of Alabama, where he showed countless times as a defensive player.

He was named by the University of Alabama as a powerful defensive man from the beginning. He also has an Outland Trophy and many appearances in the trade press. Thanks to his innate talent and the daily work he puts in, Quinnen Williams is a top player who will go much further than that.

Jamal Adams

An important player from another National Football League top team is Jamal Lee Adams. Born in 1997, Jamal has had a fairly successful career. Evolving a lot, Jamal soon became a league 1 player in America. During college, Jamal played strong for Louisiana State University. Later, he was selected in the 6th position by the New York Jets, but he became a very important asset to the team.

In 2021, Jamal Adams also brought home the All-Pro title, signing a long-term contract with the Seahawks. In the years he worked under The Jets, he was noted not only for his qualities as an individual player but also as a team leader. Thus, he brought the victory of the Jets, against the Detroit Lions. Also, Jamal won the title of Defensive MVP of the game and the Pro Bowl award, for his outstanding results.

Sam Darnold

Another player who should be mentioned in this list due to his efforts is Samuel Richard Darnold. He is a player born in 1997 and currently plays as a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. He started playing football at the University of Southern California and has managed to build his record since 2017. Thus, in 2017 he won the Rose Bowl premium as a freshman. Also, in the selection of the Jets Sam Darnold reached the third position.

Later, in 2021, Sam became the youngest quarterback to start his career in a National Football League team. His activity at The Jets was from 2018 to 2020, when he was selected by the Carolina Panthers team.

Robert Saleh

Even if a good football team has top players, nothing and no one can replace a coach who knows how to motivate his team. Unlike the role of players on the field, that of the coach requires much more pedagogy, strategy, and mental endurance.

Robert Saleh is a famous coach who works for the New York Jets and coaches all the athletes named above for the Jets team. Born in 1979, Robert did not dedicate his life to this profession from the beginning. As a young man, he attended Northern Michigan University and earned a degree in finance. The origin of his passion for football has a sad turn, his older brother being a victim of the 9/11 attack. However, Saleh rewrote his life from scratch, pursued his passion, and became one of the highest-paid coaches.


Even if all these athletes are already quoted at a very good price and earn a lot of money from their profession, this does not exclude the intense work that each one puts in. Outside of teams or sports, these athletes seem to live an ideal life surrounded by fame. But performance sports mean much more than glossy magazine covers in dedicated magazines.