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Vettel Facing Crucial Stage Of 2018 Season

Source: SkySportsF1 via Twitter

Sebastian Vettel has a challenge ahead of him to get back into pole position in the Drivers’ Championship after allowing Lewis Hamilton to edge ahead of him in the standings.

The German enjoyed an outstanding start to the season, securing back-to-back wins at the Australian and Bahrain Grands Prix. However, he finished outside of the top three for the next three races on the bounce before rediscovering his form in Monaco, although it was only good enough to place in second.

For the second-straight campaign, Vettel has allowed his form to slip, which has seen Hamilton capitalise. The 30-year-old is still within striking distance of the Brit, but he cannot avoid any further slip-ups that would allow him to run away with the Championship for the second season in a row.

The German has established himself as Hamilton’s main rival at the top following the retirement of Nico Rosberg in 2016. Even though he has struggled for his best form since the opening weeks of the season, Vettel remains a good prospect to win the title in the latest F1 betting odds at 2/1. However, he’s entering a stretch of the campaign that has not always been fruitful for the 30-year-old.

Other than Vettel’s dominant runs to the Drivers’ Championship in 2011 and 2013, the German has not enjoyed races in the middle of the term. The strength of his driving has lent itself towards meets at the start of the season, especially last year when he won three of the opening six races, finishing second in the other three.

Source: SebVettelNews via Twitter

However, he fell apart to ruin his hopes of a title win, with the collapse in the middle stretch of the term. Vettel won two out of the 14 races to close out the 2017 season as his early-season momentum was stifled, allowing Hamilton to snatch the crown.

Unfortunately for the 30-year-old, he appears to be a similar course this term. He was flawless in his performances in Australia and Bahrain, putting the Brit on the back foot. Since then errors have started to creep into his driving and his Ferrari vehicle, while the strategy of the team has also come under question.

Now he enters a period of the season where success has eluded him. He has notched only one win apiece at the Canadian and British Grands Prix due to the dominance of Hamilton at both events. The meets based in Austria and Germany have not yielded a great deal of fortune either, with only one win to his name in his homeland, while he has not yet triumphed at the Red Bull Ring.

Vettel will have to end his struggles over the next two months of the 2018 season to ensure that he is challenging for the Drivers’ Championship. Another series of poor outings could see the title elude him once again and add another crown to Hamilton’s collection, giving the Brit the edge in their battle to be remembered as the leading driver of the modern era.

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