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What Team Is the Main Candidate to Win the 2019-20 Champions League?

The Champions League season of 2018-2019 was one of the most thrilling ones. It saw miraculous comebacks and shocking exits all throughout the season. In the end, Liverpool emerged as the Champion for the 6th time in the history of the Champions League.

It can be expected that the next season of the competition is going to be pretty fierce. Hence, it can be a good season for betting too. If you are interested in betting and want to know the favorite who is more likely to lift the trophy for the year 2020, here is the list.

1. Bayern Munich

This German team is the perennial contender for the biggest prize in Europe. Although, they suffered a last-16 exit to Liverpool after they reached at least the last 4 in 6 of the previous 7 seasons.

Bayern Munich can undergo a transitional summer as Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery the wingers are leaving following the trophy-laden spells. Now, how Niko Kovac’s side substitutes the outgoing men can play a major role in their success as they are planning to supply Robert Lewandowski, the star forward. He is the second-highest goal-scorer irrespective of his early exit in the previous season.

Bayern Munich has won 7 subsequent Bundesliga titles and has been dominating German football. Now, they might be looking forward to winning the trophy of the Champion’s League.

2. Manchester City

Irrespective of never having the trophy to their name and not having made past the quarter-finals in the last 8 seasons, Man City are the favorites when it comes to crowning them as Europe’s Champion in the year 2020.

Man City had been the stars of the game domestically. In fact, Pep Guardiola’s side had been the first to have won the treble of English Football in 2017-18. The Champions League appears to be the coveted trophy for the owners, with Pep Guardiola expected to be supported in the transfer market as the owner looks to bid for the biggest prize of Europe.

However, the primary threat for the team might be their acquaintance with the opposition of the Premier League as they have lost the quarter-final games in the last two seasons to Tottenham and Liverpool.

Manchester City is well-equipped to fight for the trophy in the Champions League in the next season.

3. Barcelona

Lionel Messi had suffered the second leg capitulation for the 2nd subsequent season last summer. This blasted the 3-0 first-leg lead in the semi-finals against Anfield. This followed 2017-18’s comeback loss to Roma. Thus, their search for the trophy of Champions League continues since 2015. Barcelona is a formidable team. It had made its way into the semi-finals in the tournament of the previous season, and Messi had ended up being the top scorer of the tournament for the 6th time with 12 goals.

It is expected that this summer Ernesto Valverde’s side is going to strengthen themselves, as words of Antoine Griezman, the star from Atletico Madrid are making the rounds. Matthijs de Ligt, the Ajax captain, might also make it to the team. He might be joined by Frenkie de Jong as he agreed to a deal of £75 million in the month of January.

4. Real Madrid

Real Madrid has created a record by winning the title 13 times. The Spanish team’s monopoly on the European cup ended this season following the last-16 exit to Ajax.

Previously, Real Madrid had won 4 out of 5 tournaments that include 3 being won consecutively between 2016-2018 under the captainship of Zinedine Zidane. After the win last summer, Zidane left only to return as the manager. The club might respond to a disappointing season in the Spanish capital with a costly inroad into the transfer market.

Luka Jovic, the Eintracht Frankfurt striker, has already become a part of the team with a £62m deal. Eden Hazard, the Chelsea star has also been procured. Last summer, Real Madrid suffered a little as it was unable to replace Cristiano Ronaldo. But the team is going to be better equipped for the trophy they crave the most in the next season.

5. Liverpool

Jürgen Klopp’s team has reached the subsequent finals and is likely to be in business at the tournament, next season. The club’s powerful three and style of play makes them perfect for the two-legged European rendezvous with the capacity to alter to change the energy of a tie in just a moment.

In Europe, Anfield is a noteworthy factory as Barcelona had encountered the danger as they had to surrender to the 3-goal adventure in the last-4. The fans of Liverpool have been hankering for the trophy of the Premier League, and the club might be prioritizing it, too. Hence, it will not be surprising to find Jürgen Klopp’s team reach the latter stages once again.

Who Are the Underdogs of the Champions League?

Just as in casino games, it is important to know about the title in detail, in eSports betting too, you should know about the team and the sports you plan to bet on. There are many sites where you can play casino games. On some sites, you can use EMU casino no deposit bonus to play the game for free and to increase your bankroll. This, in turn, can give you better-winning chances. No matter what you do to increase your winning chances, you should also have a good idea about the game.

So, before you decide to bet in this Champions League season, you need to know about the underdogs. Barcelona with 8/1 odds to win since 2015 can be considered to be the underdogs, even though they have been the most consistent performers for more than a decade in the tournament.

They have won thrice and reached the semi-finals for 5 times since 2008. Barcelona was able to make it through a group of death as they qualified before Inter and Borussia Dortmund. They have to navigate past Napoli to secure a place in the last 8. Atletico Madrid, the three-time runner-up, also stands at good odds, to win the finals.