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Why Biden is Likely to Take the 2020 United States Presidential Election

The 2020 presidential election has already become one of the most contested and heated political events in recent history. The fact that it is playing out within the background of a global pandemic has certainly made things quite interesting. As we approach 3 November, individuals from all across the world are wondering who will walk away the victor. Are the odds stacked more in the favour of one candidate than the other? Although nothing is written in stone, many analysts feel that Joe Biden will emerge at the top of his game. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why Trump is currently the captain of a sinking political ship as well as what Biden brings to the table.


An Unfinished Presidency

Anyone who enjoys playing the games offered at sites such as is well aware of the importance of how odds will impact a wager. What if we could translate such a scenario to the presidency of Donald Trump? Will he be able to pull off an upset victory similar to that which occurred in 2016?

Most analysts feel that this is not likely to take place. The simple fact of the matter is that the man has failed to deliver on the majority of his campaign promises. A wall between the United States and Mexico was never built. Mexico never paid for this wall. Hillary Clinton was never "locked up" as he so famously claimed would happen.

Thus, many of his initial supporters have been left disenfranchised. Furthermore, the presidency has been rife with accusations, infighting, conspiracy theories, and claims of criminal misconduct. It is therefore no wonder why Donald Trump has often appeared to flounder under pressure and this tendency has certainly not escaped the attention of voters who might have otherwise remained on the proverbial fence.

The Right Tools for the Right Job?

Joe Biden represents a breath of fresh air and perhaps most importantly, a man with prior political experience. He is much more composed when compared to Trump and he is a well-polished public speaker. As opposed to catering to vociferous fringe elements, he seems to be attracting a more mainstream audience. The fact that he is solidly backed by former President Barack Obama also does not hurt in terms of polling figures.

It should also be mentioned that unlike Trump, Biden is rarely known for his knee-jerk reactions. This is perhaps one of his most important attributes, as the current global state of affairs highlight the fact that Americans require a man who can project a sense of stability as opposed to turning to Twitter whenever he becomes irked.

While it is difficult to argue with the points outlined above, the fact of the matter is that this election is still far from over. There are still chances that Trump could once again upset the polls and remain in the White House for another four years. The goods news is that we will not have to wait much longer to view the ultimate outcome.