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World Cup qualification odds

2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA)

The World Cup will be held for the first time in history in the "winter term", from November 21 to December 18, 2022. Qualifications on the Old Continent will be the shortest possible, not because of the number of matches, but because of the proximity of the beginning and the end, because everything will be played in less than seven months. Therefore, the qualifications will be difficult and hard for everyone, and especially for the selections, 24 of them, which played at the European Championship during the summer.

55 selections from Europe will participate in the qualifications for the World Cup, divided into 10 groups, of which there will be five selections in five, and six national teams in the remaining five. Europe will have 13 representatives in Qatar, the most of all FIFA members. Ten selections will qualify directly at the World Cup, and three visas will be provided by the winners of the barrage. The barrage for placement at the World Cup will be played according to the new system.

In the playoffs, three more tickets for the World Cup will be dealt, and 12 national teams will be divided into three groups with four national teams each.

It will be the format as in the recent play-offs for the European Championship, with the semi-finals and finals in each of the three groups.

Qualifiers will be played from March to November 2021, while the play-offs are scheduled from March 24 to 29, 2022.

The World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 18, 2022 in five Qatari cities (Doha, Lusail, Al Khor, Al Wakrah, Al Rayyan).

UEFA also confirmed that some selections will not be able to meet in groups, so Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia cannot play against the so-called football selection Kosovo, Russia cannot play against the so-called Kosovo, and also Ukraine, while Spain cannot be in the group with Gibraltar, and Armenia with Azerbaijan.

After 3 rounds played in group A Portugal and Serbia have 7 points each, Luxemburg 3 points and Ireland and Azerbaijan don’t have any points yet.

In group B as expected Spain is on the 1st place followed by Sweden and it seems that these 2 teams will fight for the 1st place till the end.

In group C we also have 2 teams that separate from the others on the top of the table. New European Champion Italy is on the top while Switzerland is on the 2nd position.

It looks like France have already done the job in group D as they are on the first position while other 4 teams all have chance to finish on the second position. Currently Ukraine is 2nd but only 1 point more than Finland and 2 more than Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kazakhstan.

Belgium is leader in group E where also are Czech and Wales.

In group F Denmark is on the top in one of the most equal groups as Austria, Scotland and Israel are also contenders for top spots while Faroe Islands and Moldovia are big underdogs.

It’s very tight in group G where Turkey is leader with 7 points but Netherlands, Montenegro and Norway are right behind them with 6 points each.

Croatia and Russia have 6 points each at the top of group H followed by Slovakia, Cyprus and Slovenia.

In group I England is 1st placed followed by Hungary. In this group is also and Poland but they are on the 4th position with 4 points and poor performances so far.

Biggest surprise is in the group J where Armenia is on the 1st place, Macedonia 2nd and Germany on the 3rd position. Germany also was defeated by Macedonia on home ground.

However, there are many more matches for the national teams to improve and to catch a place for the biggest sports event on the planet FIFA World Cup.

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