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A Brief Guide to Different Types of Online Gambling

There are so many online casino games available to play these days. It’s easy to find a wide range and difficult to decide which one to play. Thanks to the internet, almost every offline casino game imaginable is accessible online straight from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

What kind of game to play depends on the preference of the player. Some love the strategy of a card game. Others like the effortless fling of some dice or a purely luck-based run on a slot machine.

Types of Online Casino Games

There are different types of casino games. And so many online casinos to play these games with. Anyone looking to find a casino to play their favourite games on will be delighted to use the resources on Play.Casino.


Play.Casino offers guides, reviews, and top tips on the best online casinos to play games like slots, table games, live dealer games, and poker. Casino games like these types of online casino games.


Slots are one of the most popular types of casino games both offline and online. A casino wouldn’t be the same without the sound of the slot machines. However, what are the types of slot machines?

There are two main categories of slot machines: video slots and classic slots. Video slots are online slots, whereas classic slots are more commonly known as one-armed bandits.

Classic Slots

The term “Classic Slot” refers to the original three-reel slot machines. They had a mechanism and a lever to pull. The classic symbols on their reels were usually liberty bells and cherries.

When an online casino refers to offering classic slot games, what they really mean is they are offering a video slot that is based on the theme and look of classic slots.

Video Slots

Most offline and online slots today are video slots. Video slots run on software, not on a mechanism. They usually have five to seven reels, with a variety of symbols and themes.

Video Poker

Much like video slots, video poker relies on software to run. Both use a random number generator (RNG) to create varied and fair outcomes. In video poker and video slots, the player is up against a computer, not a real player, dealer, casino or casino machine.

Table Games

Table games encompass any game that is played at, or on, a table. Some of these games are card games like poker and blackjack. Others are games of chance, like roulette and craps.

Players can find table games on online casinos in the form of live dealer games or regular casino games. When playing a regular online casino game, it will be based on software and use an RNG like video poker, and video slots do.


Here is a list of the most popular casino games:

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Backgammon

Live Dealer Games

Playing a live casino game is the closest thing to playing a game at a real casino. When playing a live dealer game, there is a real person and actual equipment involved. Live casino games include all the games listed above and more.

Jordan Carry, a tech guru and expert on strategy creation, loves live dealer games, he thinks they offer more excitement and interaction than video-based games. Anyone who’s played a hand of poker will understand. Half of the fun is in trying to read the face of an opponent.

Speciality Games

Speciality games are all the games that don’t fit in the above categories. These include, but are not limited to, lotteries, keno, and bingo.


A lottery is a form of gaming and gambling that involves picking a certain amount of numbers, usually five or six. Then five or six numbers are drawn at random using a lottery machine. If the machine draws all the numbers a player picked, then that person wins the lottery.


Keno is similar to a lottery. Players choose one to ten numbers. An RNG is then used to draw about 20 numbers - there are variations. Players with matching numbers get paid out according to how much they bet and how many of their selected numbers match.

In a sense, keno is one of many types of betting. Mainly because players wager an amount of money on each of the numbers they select, this makes keno different from a lottery because with a lottery, players merely select numbers, not bet different amounts of cash on them.


In a game of bingo, a player marks off numbers on a printed card as a host draws them at random from a hat. If a player marks off all the numbers, they have to shout “Bingo” immediately.

The difference between offline bingo and online bingo is also the use of software and an RNG. Online bingo games often offer a chat function to foster a sense of community. That’s not surprising since bingo is supposed to be a sociable game.


As you can see, online gaming and gambling games rely a lot on modern tech like RNGs, software, video recording, chat capability, and live streaming. It’s thanks to these technologies that the offline games we know and love are now easily enjoyed online.