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Bundesliga Next Manager To Leave Odds

Bundesliga Next Manager To Leave

Next Manager To Leave 2018/2019

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Next manager to leave Bundesliga 2018/19

The Bundesliga is the top tier of German football league system and it has the highest average stadium attendance worldwide. Bundesliga is one of the top five big leagues in Europe. It comprises of 18 teams and operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the 2. Bundesliga. The competition is very tough in this league which is why when a team starts performing badly; sometimes the fans and the board get impatient. The club decides to sack their manager during a season after a string of bad performance. Last season in 2017/18, the clubs changed their manager 14-times (including interim managers) in total during or before the season had started.

With a few months into the 2018/19 season, gossips have already begun about who will be the next manager to get sacked or to resign from their post. The managers who could be the first to leave their club are:

Niko Kovac
Current club: Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich is a club with a very high expectation. They expect their club to win the league every season and also want to see the club fight for the Champions League every time. The club announced Niko Kovac to be their manager for the 2018/19 season in April 2018. But the former Croatian player and coach could not start the season very well in the league. After 7 games, Bayern Munich sits 6th on the table with only 13 points, a figure that they are not used to seeing. It could be anytime that the club decides to sack him and replace him with someone else.

Heiko Herrlich
Current Club: Bayer Leverkusen
Bayer Leverkusen is a club with a good history. Heiko Herrlich made his debut in his senior football career in the club. He was appointed as the manager of the club on 1 July 2017. The first season under him was quite well but the 2018/19 season has not turned out very good for him. The club is struggling at 14th place after seven games, which is only two places above the relegation zone. Leverkusen has 7 points in the first 7 games, and the club may decide to let him go.