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Cheap Ways to Watch Live Sports in Streaming

Everyone loves watching live sport, but it can often be a pricey endeavour if you don’t know where to look. Also, in the modern-day, people don’t want to purchase a whole TV package deal in order to only use one or two channels and get your fix of weekly sporting action. Instead, people want to be able to pick and choose the events they want to watch, and they want to watch them at a low price. The best way to do this is to find a live streaming service to watch the sports of your choice, with little to no cost, and from wherever you want.

Sports Betting Sites

What we would recommend as a first port of call when you are looking for free football stream or anyother sports online is to browse sports betting sites. This is because many of these will offer you the chance to watch top sporting events directly via their service. The dynamics of how this works vary depending on the site you are going to use but nearly all the best betting sites will offer a means by which you can catch all the top sporting action from across the world.

On some sports betting sites to get access to free streaming services it may merely require you to register as a player on their site or make a first deposit to your account in order to become eligible for their streaming services. While others will require you to bet on the action that you want to watch. It varies from site to site. However, what is an extra plus alongside the wide selection of sports, ease of access and the low value, is the fact that you can combine two elements of sports into one- betting and viewing sports.

With just one account at a sports betting site, you will be able to both bet and view your favourite with one account, as opposed to setting one up elsewhere. As such, while this is a good option for all would-be viewers, for bettors it is especially beneficial as you would likely already be a member at a sporting bet site already, or you could join one today and consolidate two aspects of your sporting life in one.

BT Sports

If you aren’t a big fan of betting and just want to view your favourite sports, then one reliable and easy to access method is to get yourself a subscription to BT Sports. This will give you access to the well-known TV provider, BT's sports option without the need to pay for the rest of their services. For this, you will pay a low cost of around £29.99 a month and it will give you access to a diverse range of different sports, with there the BT Sport package being made up of several different channels.

By buying this, you will be able to enjoy a plethora of different sports. There is an emphasis on football on the service, with both domestic, European and international competitions, and so it is an ideal service to use if the beautiful game is what you are all about. However, they also offer plenty more sporting competitions from the world of rugby, MMA, and tennis, to name just a handful of their wide selection of sports that they offer,

What’s more is that BT sports also offers an app which allows you to take the sporting action with you wherever you want by connecting it to your phone, tablet or just accessing their service via your laptop. As such, diversity and convenience are two of the biggest USPs for this streaming service. The downside though is you have to pay that monthly price and you will get a lot of extra sporting services you might not want or need. If you are an all-around sport fantastic though then you can’t go wrong using this service.

Cheap Ways to Watch Live Sports in Streaming

Specialist Sites

One of the most obvious ways to watch sports online is to make use of specialist sports streaming sites, of which there are many. Due to the large number, they vary a lot with the service they offer. Some of them are free, while others can cost you a sizeable sum each month. However, they are easy to find and are usually just a quick google search away. The problem is their functionality can vary a lot too.

For example, you will find many online that will be free. The streams on these though can vary a lot in quality, they might be prone to cut out at random times, and may also be shown to you in a language that isn’t your own. All of which may hamper an enjoyable sport watching experience. These can often also be a legal grey area, so can be shut down at a moment’s notice by your internet provider and, or the site you are accessing may become blocked halfway through an event.

However, the ones that you pay for are generally legal and provide seamless streams. We would suggest using these, as many will be cheaper and will allow you to pick and choose the sports you want to watch, without the need to have constant access to channels you do not need. The key if you want to use these is to shop around and compare their pros and cons.


These other options require a bit more commitment as they are usually based on funding them one way or another periodically. However, if you were looking to just watch the odd sporting event every once in a while then pay-per-view options are the way to go. The concept of these are very simple, with them just asking you to pay to watch a one-off event.

These are very good for those of you out there who like fighting sports, such as boxing or MMA, as often the top events of these sports only happen a couple of times a year. In these cases, you may just wish to pay in order to watch these main events where belts are on the line. It can also work for any other events where there is a big event happening. For example, test cricket events, or the final of the Champions League in football for example.

These are the more direct way by which you can gain access to the sports you want without any commitment. To catch a one-off event, you can pay around just $20 then, once the event is over, you won’t have to pay any extra. This is ideal for part-time sports fans but not cost-effective if you watch sporting events weekly.


These are just a few of the many options that you will find online to stream sports, but there are various different more specific options, including channels such as ESPN or Sky Sports, which are either less universally available or cost more money. For us, we would advise the sports betting sites due to the perks it offers you and the fact that when you join them, they often give you bonuses too. These can be used to place your bets in order to watch the sports if needs be, plus gives you the chance to win a bit of money along the way too. Of course, it is all a matter of preference but with so many options available online, streaming sports is easier than ever before.